My Little Frequency: Episode 4

It’s another episode of My Little Frequency. Tonight we are doing a contest. I haven’t had a DJ name like DJ Batwing or DJ Black Cap ever in my time here at KUR. Now the time’s they are a changing so we can make it happen. We can give me a cool DJ name. How can you enter? Text me, IM me, Facebook chat or post for me, Steam chat me or anyway you can. Hell if DJ Fluttershy wins that’s my name for the rest of the semester. Professionalism be damned!

Community is back and it’s great, we are so excited here at teh Frequency. A brief rant on why The Big Bang Theory is an awful show in comparison to both 30 Rock and Community followed quickly by me cutting myself off before I swore, seriously, I shouldn’t swear. But the fact that ratings still suck doesn’t really say much for NBC’s Comedy Night. I remember when Friends and Will and Grace dominated Thursdays before the days of Scrubs. Ah the late 1990’s.

Also you got to hear my Vita rant. It’s awesome go buy one right now. I’m not fucking kidding. Go spend all your money right now on a new expensive toy. I love mine as you can see in my review a few days ago or was it yesterday? I forget.


  1. Acid House Kings – Would You Say StopMusic Sounds Better With You
  2. Portugal the Man – So AmericanIn the Mountain In the Cloud
  3. The Front Bottoms – Flashlight The Front Bottoms
  4. The Black Keys – Run Right BackEl Camino
  5. Arctic Monkeys – Love is a LaserquestSuck it and See
  6. The Drums – MoneyPortamento
  7. The Beets – You Don’t Want the Kids Dead Let the Poison Out
  8. M83 – Steve McQueenHurry Up, We’re Dreaming
  9. Howler – Beach SlutsAmerica Give Up
  10. We Were Promised Jet Packs – MedicineIn the Pit of the Stomach
  11. Brite Futures – Kissed Her SisterDark Past
  12. Pterodactyl – Hold stillSpill’s Out
  13. Gotye – Eyes Wide OpenMaking Mirrors
  14. Cass McCombs – Love Thine EnemyHumor’s Risk
  15. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Same MistakeHysterical
  16. Arcade Fire – Haiti Funeral
  17. First Aid Kit – Lion’s RoarLion’s Roar
  18. Summer Camp – Ghost TrainWelcome to Condale
  19. Cloud Control – Ghost StoryBliss Release
  20. The Decemberists – Down by the WaterThe King is Dead
  21. Matt Pond PA – Love to Get UsedSpring Fools EP
  22. Belle and Sebastian – Write About LoveWrite About Love
  23. Death Cab For Cutie – Stay Young, Go DancingCodes and Keys
  24. Slow Club – Two CousinsParadise
  25. The National – Looking For Astronauts Alligator
  26. Bon Iver – CalgaryBon Iver

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As passionate as one can be about certain topics it is hard to make a living with that passion, that being said my passion for nerd culture, modern music and video gaming has yet to translate into anything moderately successful, that and my degree in electronic media, but hey at least I can use that journalism minor. View all posts by Angerbanjo

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