My Little Frequency: Episode 2

It’s the second episode of the semester. I’m hoping this turns into a great program and what not. We got some new music including a hip hop track that Pandora said I’d like and you know what, I love it. We already found out how much variety the indie rock genre really has and you know what, it’s what makes it awesome. The funny thing though is that Pandora’s College Indie Rock station has given me suggestions like some death metal, rap and even A Day to Remember. This is weird. But as we can see we got some new interesting sounds so far this semester already, Mayer Hawthorne anyone?

Community is still off the air. Playing Childish Gambino to bring it back doesn’t help. Donald Glover if you are reading this then maybe you can help. I caught up with that, now it’s time to catch up on The Office. Not bad.

So apparently Ask Men did a Top 99 most desirable women in the world post recently. It’s mostly super models. No Kirsten Bell, no Amy Adams, no Rachel McAdams, no Allison Brie. And some how Nicki Minaj is number 5. Higher than 95 people, including Emma Stone (see other post) and the lovely Zooey Deschanel.

You know it’s tough to get over teh loss of House MD. Eight seasons. Shit that’s a lot.


Here’s tonight’s list for those of you wondering what you heard tonight. Once again I’ll link the videos to the YouTube videos.

1. Deer Tick – The BumpDivine Providence
2. Childish Gambino – Heartbeat Camp
3. So Many Dynamos –  A State Without A SpringfieldWhen I Explode
4. Fun – We Are YoungWe Are Young (Single)
5. Gauntlet Hair – Keep TimeGauntlet Hair
6. MGMT – Indie Rokkers –  Time to Pretend EP
7. VHS Or Beta – Breaking BonesDiamonds and Death
8. The National – Little Faith High Violet
9. Givers – Saw You First In Light
10. Arcade Fire – Black Wave/Bad Vibrations – Neon Bible
11. Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Everybody’s on the RunS/T
12. The Rifles – Sometimes –  Great Escape
13. Sufjian Stevens – ChicagoIllinois
14. Papercuts – Future Primitive –  You Can Have What You Want
15. Shout Out Louds – NormandieOur Ill Wills
16. Owen –  No Place Like HomeGhost Town
17. Atlas Sound – Mona LisaParallax
18. Future Islands – Where I Found You  – Where I Found You
19. Beirut – GoshenThe Rip Tide
20. M83 – WaitHurry Up, We’re Dreaming
21. Lana Del Rey – Video Games –  Born To Die
22. Black Keys – Little Black SubmarinesEl Camino
23. Bon Iver – Blindsided For Emma, Forever Ago
24. Memoryhouse – To the LighthouseMemoryhouse


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