The Most Anticiapted Video Games of 2012

The new year is upon us. I know I forgot to do the awards for video games for 2011, maybe it’ll get done this month, maybe this week, maybe today or tomorrow. It’s on my to do list. But when we lose internet at home and I have to hijack whatever internet access I can get then well it becomes tough. But the new year is in full swing and titles like Final Fantasy XIII-2 are in stores now and so is Soul Calibur V but that doesn’t mean 2012 doesn’t have it’s armada of strong titles in the works. With Mass Effect 3 most likely taking GOTY for 2012 hands down but even still the rest of this list will impress.

09. Borderlands 2

The first game was a lot of fun shockingly. The new one looks like it will just continue from where the last one left off. With new classes and characters the game looks like it won’t be much different. Although the title has been delayed a bit it still has a decent amount of potential to be one of the better shooters of 2012.

08. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

I just recently played through the first game. It was fun. The second game is also fun. I’m hoping to get into teh rest of the series but at the same time it’s become tough to fully get into it but this game looks promising and like loads of fun. Seeing that it is done by another developer that isn’t Sucker Punch. So yeah it could be a nightmare.

07. Max Payne 3

It looks good. I’ve never played a Max Payne game before in my life. It looks really good. I might play it. I might buy it. I’m not that sure about what to do with it. The game has the typical Rockstar look and the fact that it seems like it could contend for GOTY. The game does have the typical Rockstar motiff and it’s not that bad.

06. Resident Evil 6

So Resident Evil 4 saves the franchise. Made it more actiony, was better at telling a story. Then they made 5. It was good but not the greatest in the world but still a solid game. But now with RE6 being announced and looking like a nice combo of RE4 and RE5 but at the same time the game series’ convoluted story line seems to be making it more and more convoluted but hey it looks like fun.

05. Assassin’s Creed III
While not officially announced yet we can almost guarantee that it’s going to be ACIII. After the announcement that Revelations is Ezio and Altair’s final chapter the thoughts were thinking what’s next for the franchise. Well Revelations wasn’t as great as it could have been but it wasn’t the worst game ever, but it makes the want for the follow up to not be as intense as it was after following ACII and Brotherhood.

04. Grand Theft Auto V

There is no date yet for this game to be out yet but a lot of people say 2012. Who knows. We don’t know much about it yet either but we do know that it’s a GTA game and those are generally pretty damn awesome. With Red Dead Redemption being a great open world game after slightly disappointing with Niko out in Liberty City they go back out to the west for another romp around San Andreas.

03. BioShock Infinite

Come on. The first game was a masterpiece. The follow up disappointed a bit. The new one looks to be an improvement. With Rapture a thing of the past the developer takes to the skies and changes things up. No more Big Daddy. No more Splicers. No more Adam. We don’t know much about the recently delayed Summer title but you know what. The tits…just kidding, a lot of gamers are making comments about the one characters boobs.

02. Mass Effect 3

What happens to Shepard? Mass Effect 2 was the GOTY of 2010. I put over 100 hours in one save file. I recently played it again on the PS3 and logged around 75 hours as Shepard doing everything I could do including the DLC. With each piece of information that leaks I get more and more excited for the game that makes me not want to wait until March 6th to even touch it. The demo comes out on V-Day but there is no point in even playing it, I know it’s gonna be golden.

01. The Last of Us

I’m a huge fan of the developer, Naughty Dog. They made Uncharted. They made Jak and Daxter. They made Crash Bandicoot. Now they have a new IP and it looks amazing. Having been announced at the VGAs back in December, this game has left many of us salivating for weeks and days on end. With the cover story of March’s Game Informer and some details being unveiled we just might get too excited for this game before it comes out.


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