DAILY LIST: Top Ten Games I’ve Beaten This Year

The year of 2011 is closing up. I’ll make my year end game awards in a few days but tonight I am posting the top video games I’ve finished this year. It’s been a long year and I’ve finished roughly forty plus games on both the Playstation 3 and the PSP. In order to help this list avoid repeats, I am going to bunch together the franchises as that would just make this list a bit clustered so Uncharted you will be an entire series on the list. This game list doesn’t just list the games released in 2011 but games from this generation and previous generations. And this is through 365 days after long days at the internship, then work, then moving, then more work. You see it’s quite impressive to do this all, anyway let’s begin!

10. BioShock Franchise

I acquired a copy of each BioShock game via the girlfriend earlier in the summer. I sat down and played through an amazing game that was the first game. It took some time because I worked hard to go through it. It was all after Infinite was announced. After completing the first one it was off to the semi-disappointing sequel. One sitting, that’s all it took to accomplish the completion of the two games and with Infinite due out in a few weeks I’m quite pumped up.

09. Heavy Rain

There never has been a game like Heavy Rain. I purchased it earlier in the summer and started playing it. While it wasn’t the greatest looking game in the world it featured a story that was complex. The depth of each character’s story was pretty neat. The way that each decision panned out to help develop the games actual story. Memorable moments include chopping off your own finger, trying to save your drowning son, beating up a guy in the first few minutes of the game. And who could forget what ended up happening in the end?

08. LA Noire

After years of being in development the game finally sees the light of day. Needless to say it was fun. Granted the game wasn’t as open world as the typical Grand Theft Auto games but it featured a narrative that left held your hand through the entire game. With 20 cases that are almost independent of each other that come together for a larger story works well. The uncanny valley almost entirely broken here, has a game crafted to be so great felt a bit lower than what I expected. LA Noire makes it in the top ten list for the year but maybe not for super long.

07. Assassin’s Creed Franchise

dropped at the end of last year. So I picked it up and started it in the new year. The continuation of Ezio and Desmond’s story ends on a cliff hanger and then starting almost right back up in the latest installment Revelations. Granted Revelations hasn’t been 100% completed by me yet but it’s been a fun ride. The story is a bit lost on me though they really haven’t developed it that much so far but the gameplay continues to be phenomenal and hey you know what it’s Assassin’s Creed. So it doesn’t matter.

06. inFAMOUS Franchise

I hadn’t finished the first game in the series after I preordered the new one. The gameplay was stellar. The story spotty, but it was so much fun. When the new game dropped the visuals were improved, the story was better and the gameplay was just as fun. Shooting lightning and doing hardcore parkour was just as much fun as it was in the first game. Cole returns but does he come back for a third trip, the ultimate question though is with that ending golly gee whiz.

05. Dead Space Franchise

Horror games never were huge in my library then I heard about Dead Space. I tried it on the PC for a bit. Didn’t get too into it but it wasn’t bad. When they announced a sequel earlier in the year I bought a copy of Dead Space. I then played it. It felt great. Scary. But a few sittings of being glued to the TV playing the horror game that was the first game I had to play the second one. While it was better the game did not have you trek across the ship like in the first. The plot wrapped it up nicely but I loved the horror aspect as I was found jumping every so often.

04. Portal 2

This was a steal. Everyone and their mother had bought their copy of Portal 2. I had a “fake” coupon for 30 bucks off the game plus Wal Mart had to match GameStop’s price. Thus I got the game for five bucks. Pop that sucker in and it picks up not far after it left off. Yes the game doesn’t have the best story in the world but the games characters are phenomenal, see Cave Johnson, and the gameplay, so much fun. I sat through the game’s intense puzzles and fast paced movement. The game was so great. How about Stephen Merchant as Wheatley. Huh huh?

03. Batman: Arkham City

This game was huge. Arkham Asylum was huge. It felt small but it was big. The best comic book game of all time. Then this one dropped. Bigger, more ambitious, it was phenomenal. It was intense. I sat through the brief story, or it felt like that because I played long sittings. I was consumed by being the Batman. It made me feel like I was the Dark Knight himself. The story was incredible, the gameplay was solid. It was a bit of an improvement over what was already a solid game.

02. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

I know this game has been out for like ages. I bought it the day I got the Playstation. It sat there unplayed. When I tried it I got frustrated by the huge open world aspect of a Metal Gear game. I was enraged. So after a few years of not having played the game with my PS3 dying I needed to start something so let’s play MGS4. The game wasn’t as great as Snake Eater but it was a pulse pounding narrative filled with cut scenes and deep character development. Hideo Kojima crafts one more final game and the way it closes out the series is quite heartbreaking and warming at the same time.

01. Uncharted Trilogy

When I first got my Playstation I was told to buy Uncharted 1 and 2. I bought the second one. I never played it. After a few months of playing a mixture of other games i finally started the new game. Got about 1 percent through it and was frustrated. Then I started other games, came back and then in February fell in love with Nathan Drake. Following the finishing of the second game I started the first one. Preordered 3 and then went through all of them again. The story weaves a film like narrative with memorable characters. Although the way the games end is a bit saddening with the basic formula, always throwing something super natural, at least in the first two games. No trilogy has earned flawless ten out of tens from multiple reviewers. This is why Uncharted is the best games I played this year.


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