The Dark Knight Rises

Sorry about the lack of posting, we lost internet here for a brief period of time and with the amount of work I have to do for other things there just hasn’t been time to really post at all. So this popped up into my inbox recently and I have to say I’m not as impressed as I was with the Dark Knight’s trailers. There seems to be something more conservative going on in Nolan’s mind to prevent something epic from being shown in the trailer.

Look Bane’s costume is a little redonk and the dialogue seems very Occupy Gotham to me, at least when Catwoman talks to Bruce Wayne but at the same time the eerie singing of the National Anthem in the background with the chants coming in going This Is Our Gotham. It just adds up for a well cut creepy teaser. Not to mention the football scene. I guess we will just wait and see what happens instead of just buying into the hype and what not, just wait and see.

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