Popular Sitcom Shelved, Mildly Retarded Sitcom Stays…The American Way

So last week popular television program Community was placed on indefinite hiatus by the Peacock, NBC in order to make room for the return of 30 Rock and some other silly sitcom. While the show’s ratings were down the reviews constantly said what a great program Community was, while the new show Whitney has received critical dislike but great ratings. So the decision had to be made, keep a ratings booster or keep a fan favorite. There is no word on when the show will return if at all. The show’s stars already took to Twitter and other social media, which is how I had found out about the show being canceled.

Though there is a possibility of the show returning during the slow summer months that seems doubtful. One can only hope that the new program replacing it or even Whitney stumbles down the stretch and the program goes back on. Personally I felt that NBC must see tv on Thursday has deteriorated in recent years but came back with a boom with the debut of Community and the return of decent episodes of The Office and of course the favorite 30 Rock. Adding Parks and Rec to the mix made it a solid night for television essentially adding to the bonanza of other programs including FX’s Archer, It’s Always Sunny, The League all making Thursday the TV night, now without Community to kick it off what happens next?

Oh and if you are wondering, that one clip started a trend on the internet the next few weeks. What has Whitney done?


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