Matt Smith Leaving Doctor Who??

In a recent interview with VH1 the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith let slip a hint that he might not be returning to the show after the next season. Granted while this may all just be him blowing smoke or trying to get more publicity I highly doubt anything will truly come from this other than it being a rumor.

“I’ve got another year of Doctor Who, but then I’m certainly going to come and give it a shot – come and hang out in LA … As you say, people like Andy [Garfield] have come over, and he’s a mate of mine. I’m very proud to see him doing Spider-Man, ’cause we did a play together, and, you know, Spider-Man now.” Smith was quoted as saying. Now if Smith were to leave that would mean come the 50th anniversary we could be entering on what was labeled as the final incarnation of the Doctor, or maybe there is 13 total reincarnations. But right now Smith might be one of the largest celebrities over in the UK, aside from the Harry Potter gang, but even still I doubt he would have that much fame over here in America in Hollywood.


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