The Simpsons Might Get The Axe Soon

A few weeks or maybe it was days ago FOX execs were preparing to renew the Simpsons for another season. Well they wanted the main voice actors to take a pay cut of about 25-30%. The voice actors obviously were like no, since it is for a majority of them their only source of income. The voice actors came back and said we’ll take the cut if you give us a cut in the merchandising. See, what happens when the show is said and done and in syndication is that the voice actors will only get a small portion while FOX makes a huge killing in the long run, they can still sell merchandise from the show, shirts, toys and games. But the voice actors are clever enough to say give us a piece, FOX said no. So there is a giant stalemate going on but the show’s producers have taken the pay cuts to get the show on for a 23rd season. Both sides have until Friday to reach an agreement.

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