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It was last night, people will remember where they were when the last great American innovator died. Me, I was either at work slicing up deli meats or sitting at McDonalds eating my Big Mac and staring at the TV when the breaking news sign appeared, Steve Jobs died. How hard is it to put to words that one of the greatest technological people of not just our time but all time, is no longer with us. Jobs was dead, at the young age of fifty six. Sure I bust on the people who strictly use Apple products, but you know what, those people are snobbish, and if that is what Jobs’ last legacy is, the creation of a generation of snobbish Apple users then I would too be turning around in my grave.

Don’t get me wrong, I have great respect for Jobs or did, since he’s gone but when you keep churning out the same product every year with mild updates you begin to lose that innovator status and just become a corporate tool. In college I used a Mac everyday, simply because they could handle video and audio editing better than a PC. The problem with that though is PC’s are  more built to handle everything, while Mac’s handle multimedia creation (video, audio, photoshop etc…). The iPod wiped out Microsoft’s Zune quickly, it was a sleek design, it was easy to use, but at the same time it became too generic. The iPhone did the same thing.

While Jobs innovations were vast it was everything else he did with his life that we’ll most likely miss. Jobs had pancreatic cancer. He had just recently removed himself as both CEO and a member in the Apple company. He was looking frail. The internet was buzzing for months, almost everyday with Steve Jobs is dead rumors. The fact was, he pretty much was. I know that sounds cruel but the man removed himself from the company he co-founded, was looking exceedingly frail and everyone knew about his poor health condition.

Logging onto Facebook this morning led me to see a slew of comments regarding his death, there were jokes like the recurring: the economy is bad, we lost Jobs! I’m not sure if people are saying that out of spite being PC users or what not. But let’s not talk about opinions or anything else for the remainder of the post.

Everyone else was using generic images...

It was back in 1976 when Jobs and two others founded the company. Eight years later Jobs debuted the Macintosh. Remember the big bulky Macs, the first generation, they were big and slow, but they were historical. The industry had struggled for a time and both Jobs and his co-founders as well as a bulk of the company had decided that it was time for Jobs to leave. And thus Apple continued to falter without it’s pioneer, or more like at the time one of the co-founders.

Jobs went to find NeXT Computers. There he created the interpersonal computer as he called it. Reporters remember him saying something along the lines of “Interpersonal computing is going to revolutionise human communications and groupwork.” Jobs second design of the NeXT computer was going to feature some intense for the time features such as the built in Ethernet port. After the company began to fail due to a lack of sales it became a software maker, and new variations of the software helps run the Apple Store. Of course this would happen after Apple bought it out in 1997.

After his time with NeXT Jobs went on to a different field all together. Jobs ended up buying the Graphics Group from Lucasfilm, one of the first failures of George Lucas’ life in the film industry. He renamed it to Pixar. He soon contracted with Disney to make a number of short films, using computer animation. Of course we all know where this story ends up going, Toy Story of which Jobs is an executive producer of was released, the first computer generated animated film of all time. It was a huge hit. When Pixar’s contract was running up with Disney Jobs said that Pixar would work with different companies instead thus raising the price and boom make a huge profit. Jobs then returned to Apple and the rest is now history, quite literally.



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