Am I That Out of the Comic Book Loop?

Okay, so a few months ago it was announced that the Uncanny X-Men comic book was reaching the end of it’s run at issue 544 or something like that. So recently in the Marvel-verse, all Mutants lost their powers. Then got a new mutant born named Hope, who looks like Jean Grey. She goes time hopping with Cable, then comes back as a teen and is now finding new mutants. Okay I got that. Magneto is good now. Okay got that too. But that’s about where I stopped. Oh did I mention Shadowcat came back after Joss Whedon sent her into space. Not even Whedon’s comic stuff is safe without being retconned.

Well it turns out that there was an event called Schism. Yes. Cyclops versus Wolverine. The entire X-Men universe was split into sides. And now we get this. The Jean Grey School For Higher Learning, formed by…yes, I’m not gonna kid, Wolverine. Yep. The loner now runs a school. So make sure you pick up a copy of Wolverine and The X-Men on stands soon I guess, not sure for how long.

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