The New Florida Marlins Logo Is Very Very Lame

I know I don’t post much about sports but one thing I should mention is how the Florida Marlins, winners of 2 World Series Championships since their inception in 1993 are moving or more so being renamed. Yep. Florida doesn’t give a shit about baseball, just look at the attendance of both the Marlins and the Tampa Bay [Devil] Rays. They may field good teams (see the Rays from 2008 on) but no one cares. Thinking about it the demographic in Florida is tourists and old people. So building baseball teams down there in a state that is more about college football than any other sport is kind of daft. Well the Marlins are now the Miami Marlins, and their logo is very disturbing, I for one liked the Florida Marlins color scheme but am not a fan of the Miami Marlins at all.


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