New TV Night

It’s Thursday night and it means comedy night. Last week FX brought Archer  and It’s Always Sunny back, of which i still haven’t caught yet cause I have been so busy. NBC brought back three of their staples, Community, Parks and Rec, The Office. The first show was great, Community came back and it felt like it didn’t miss a single beat, I loved the Doctor Who reference in there with Inspector TimeSpace. The appearance of John Goodman was also quite pleasant. Meanwhile Parks and Rec was okay. I was never huge into the program and I watch the whole damn thing this summer and I loved Ron Swanson but other than that the show is quite mediocre at times. Since this was a n episode without much of Ron it was lacking in the great stuff. The Office though went and moved on without Carell. The new guy, James Spader, seems more like a minor recurring character and watching Andy get the promotion just irritates me, but I can see why. He’s the most like Michael Scott, and he’s also now the biggest star on the show. Well we’ll see if Sunny and Archer can finish the night with some good stuff

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