The Dead Island Post

I am a gamer. It’s most likely the easiest confession you’ll ever get out of me. I won’t lie about that. I bought every iteration of the Game Boy that came out on the day it came out since the Game Boy Color (most of them coincided with my birthday so that’s cheating). I fell for the Wii gimmick as a Nintendo child. I bought an X-Box 360 cause I wanted more mature content. I was offered a Playstation 3 for a real good price and I never looked back. I have turned my back on the motion gaming world of Nintendo and the gun crazy realm of Microsoft.

My X-Box red ringed recently and has been dead since, that doesn’t upset me as much. If my PS3 were to die that would upset me. Last week I added 2 new titles to my rapidly growing library (I have amassed almost 40 titles in a little more than a year, and have beaten a majority of them), one was a guaranteed good buy, God of War: Origins Collection. It takes the two PSP games (which I own) and upgrades the visuals into stunning HD/3-D. Okay so I am a sucker for Kratos on my PS3. I also added what people on Facebook and the game store clerk told me was an amazing game named Dead Island. This is my Dead Island rant.

The way the man behind the counter described the game is like this. Imagine if the Left 4 Dead games fucked Fallout 3 and then got Fallout knocked up. This game is the off spring of the two. In some sort of sick fucked up way I thought this was awesome. Now first off let me point out that I am not hating on Dead Island. I give it a round of applause actually. It’s not a bad game. It literally is the combination of those two games. It has the RPG elements of Fallout with the “feats” and the weapon fixing system and what not. I loved Fallout 3, I was okay with New Vegas. But this game is literally Fallout with Zombies. Now here comes the good parts, as this seems like a review.

The game handles okay. It’s not the best controlled. When you drive in one of the many trucks that are littered around the tropical island the controls and the camera just go into shit mode. I want to cut them some slack simply because of the fact that they are no EA or big company that has the time or money to fix little shit like that but it just bothers me a bit. Not quite sure exactly what everyone else thinks.

The game does look great, even on a big tv with a PS3 running it. It really is amazing. But that isn’t enough to drive a game. You need a story, but alas it’s a zombie game, and those rarely have any story to them unless it’s survive and kill. Survive and kill. Okay well if this game is like Fallout then maybe I can make my own zombie killing warrior. Nope. You get only four choices. Your first choice is a blunt weapons expert who happens to be a one hit hip-hop wonder. Yep. That’s an option. Another is an ex superstar quarterback who is great at throwing stuff, he did a lot of drugs. Okay that’s good…not really. Another option is an Aussie abo ex-cop. She has some serious issues but she’s the gun expert, I see but so far I haven’t encountered a single gun so she’d be useless. The final option is an ex cop, Asian woman, who dishonors her father thanks to her bosses. Okay thanks a lot game writers, let’s have boring and bland characters.

The game though does flow nicely for a bit but it’s not something you can sit there and play for seven or eight hours in a row. Gameplay gets a bit mixed up as you do essentially the same quests all the time. Don’t get me wrong it’s fun as hell to bash zombies heads in with shovels and ball bats but at the same time it gets repetitive after a while. The island looks redundant after a while, there is no variation in anything. It’s always sunny. You would think they would do what Rockstar did and make the game look pretty and have variations in weather.

I haven’t played long enough to actually have a legit review but I like the game but it’s not the greatest thing ever made. End of the story.


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