Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop Review

We are all aware of at this time the challenges that were placed in front of the television icon Conan O’Brien a little over a year ago. O’Brien’s fall from being the host of one of the greatest programs of all time to hosting his own show on the cable network TBS. But what this film does is chronicle his summer tour from the year he was prevented from  from being on the television, this is the documentary known as Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop.

I have never written a review for a documentary. Actaully I don’t think I have actually seen a documentary of my own free will. I find them boring and bland but sometimes the subject matter is interesting enough to me to actually watch it, that is where we get this film. I have a large amount of respect for O’Brien, I would considerhim a hero of mine, simply because of what he’s done of late.

The film chronicles the challenges that the Harvard grad has gone through since Jay Leno renigged on a deal he made. The film though gives us a different perspective of the comedian. He’s not in I’m on TV mode, he’s a human being. One thing though that the film has done is is show O’Brien as a normal human, undergoing stress, being a bit of an ass to his co-workers.

The film gives him his ups and downs as he does his Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on TV tour which was a smashing success. Here we got a comedian who has been on television his entire career going out across teh country for the first time doing a tour as if he was a low level funny man.

The interviews with O’Brien really give a whole new perspective to the man. You can see the inner conflict between him being angry at the NBC execs to being frustrated at the fans and how the tour is going to wanting to appease to all the fans and make it a show they can remember.

The film makes you love Conan and it makes it show how hard it is to really hate him. Each shot is carefully picked out of course and interwoven with clips from his shows and interviews and even shots of him working with the writers. The question is though how is this topical still? Conan has had his show for almost a year and his popularity has waned a bit, is he still the center of attention that he once was? Or was this a vain attempt at trying to re grasp it? Either way Conan…Can’t Stop is a documentary that is not only for Conan fans but for fans of the human spirit, to see a celebrity that isn’t an ass, that genuinely cares and is a normal human being. I am handing this film a nice 8.75/10.


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