inFAMOUS 2 Review

inFAMOUS  was a “Greatest Hit” for the early PlayStation 3 owner. Well actually that’s not really true, see the first game came out  in 2009 and now is available for free if you were on the PlayStation Network when it got hacked. inFAMOUS was one of the first games I ever got on my PS3 along with God of War Collection, God of War III, Metal Gear Solid 4. I played through the game and enjoyed it immensely but had a few qualms. Overall the first game was an 8.5 out of 10 which is needless to say a must own especially if it’s free or 25 bucks. When I heard there was a sequel coming out I was a bit skeptic at first. Was this a must buy game or more like a wait for it to be on sale then throw thirty or forty at the game in the attempt to play a game that was essentially the same as the predecessor. I was baffled myself when i pre-ordered the game at GameStop the same time I went with LA Noire. So the day came. got my copy tore it open and plopped it in. Of course several things prevented me from actually playing it on the first few days. Since the girlfriend was picking it up and I wasn’t seeing her til Friday was one and that I was dragged out after she left on Friday. So Saturday I began my quest as Cole McGrath. This is the summary of my thoughts.

For those of you who did play the first game you are already familiar with how it ended. How the baddie Kessler (aka yourself from a different timeline) warned you about the Beast who at the beginning of the game is ravaging Empire City (New York) here you fight him and then flee to New Marias (New Orleans). The Big Easy isn’t so big and easy. A man named Bertrand has raised a militia to hunt down and execute “deviants” or what the game calls Conduits (people with the ability to have super powers). Eventually your NSA or CIA friend Kuo gets taken and turns out she’s a conduit person too and gains Ice powers but in activating her the way they did boom they create Ice Soliders.

Of course there is another conduit that you deal with on a regular basis named Nix who happens to have fire powers and you can easily tell where this is going. Both characters represent karma choices. Fire, or red generally is going to give you negative karma, so on missions where you choose between fire or ice you essentially get to choose how you want your karma to be affected.

There are different parts of the city that are powered down that you have to power up before you go through it and do your missions. Now this does get a bit tedious with how it’s set up but it’s not like it’s the worst thing in the world to do and it’s not like it’s the same every mission. Soon you find out about Bertrand and the Beast and you have to make the huge choice.

inFAMOUS was never about the narrative as much as it was about the feel. The first game had that comic book feel and you could see it in the artsy cut scenes and character designs. In this one the graphics are vastly improved as we learn they are using more of the cell processor which allows them to push the consoles limits. The city looks beautiful almost 100% of the time and it’s breathtaking that you often forget where you are and what’s going on. The enemies though get annoying and redundant and combat becomes a bit stiff, more like you find yourself doing the same thing every five minutes and you need to do something new and fresh. Mix up the usage of your powers in combat does keep it fresh though.

Much like in the previous game there are blast shards that you collect that increase your electric bar. There are a total of 305 scattered across the map. There are even ones where citizens have them and you can either ignore them or kill them and take it from them. Or you can defuse shard bombs and take the shards saving citizens.

Around the city there are other opportunities to earn karma points, it’s not so cut and dry like in the last one where you choose between saving someone or leaving them. For instance you can kill cops or street musicians and go evil or you can gain positive karma and stop muggings and abductions.

Overall the game is gorgeous, just on a mediocre 15 inch television which I have the visuals take you away from wherever you are playing and immerse you in the game. There are some flaws, camera during the combat gets a bit shaky and the amount of enemies can seem overwhelming at times and believe you me it definitely is. There are forty story missions and over 60 side missions (karma based). With what seems like more powers than in the last one you may have to play way more than once just to get the full 100% if you are a completionist.

inFAMOUS 2 is a slight step up in the series (which in it’s own way is hard to do) and so it earns a nice 9.0 out of 10. The question of whether or not there will be an inFAMOUS 3 is answered by your ending.

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