Doctor Who: The Doctor’s Wife Review

Last week’s episode was not just semi-awful by my standards but  many people also agree it wasn’t that great. As  it was pointed out it just wasn’t plot driven. This week’s episode promises to be at least more plot oriented as it’s written by Neil Gaiman. Gaiman is known for a few things, partly being a comic book scribe, he wrote Riddler and Poison Ivy comics but created Sandman. Gaiman also wrote several hit sci-fi novels including Stardust. Gaiman is also married to American musician Amanda Palmer (Dresden Dolls). So I’m sure that’s like a weird cooky couple. Gaiman’s writing is hoping to lead to something good. Could this be the episode where we find out about River Song? Who knows but let’s find out

Alright so let me get this out of my system and just point out how great this episode was. And it’s not just in comparison to the previous mediocre one we got, it was just that good. The episode starts off with the Doctor getting a distress call from the Time Lords making him think that well there are still some that are left alive. He follows the single to the end of the universe, well more like outside of the universe. The TARDIS just shuts down. Straight up and out it shuts down. Turns out that these two misfit looking people put the heart and soul of the TARDIS inside a human body. Clever.

Of course the Doctor isn’t pleased about this, goes about mucking around the place after being introduced to the sentient life form that is House and he sends Rory and Amy to the TARDIS. Essentially it’s too dangerous for those two. They get locked in and House takes them and fun things happen there.

The Doctor and the actual TARDIS end up doing the impossible and building a TARDIS out of the junk heap that is House’s back. Essentially that’s what they do and I really don’t want to divulge further into the actual plot without giving away anything else. I realize that I have done that quite a bit in the past but anyways on with the review!

Matt Smith has to dominate this episode as both Karen Gillian and Arthur Darville really aren’t the main figure pieces in it. Sure they have their bits that aren’t awful but it’s nothing compared to what Smith and his female counterpart do in the episode. Those two drive it and by drive it I mean vroom. Michael Sheen (TRON: Legacy, 30 Rock) provides the voice of House, although he does seem to be a bit off from his previous gigs that I have seen him in, largely due to the part that he is just a voice over.

The effects and visuals shine in this one. The steam punky feel that we get coupled with the massive amounts of green, even the Ood’s eyes are green! The fact that this episode not only provides a solid mental writing style but it also has enough pretty images to tide down even the dumbest of Whovians! Not to insult the mass amount of audiences that do view the show. Surely though the episode’s visuals also tend to harken out to the writing styles of Gaiman.

The dialogue is intense at several parts of the episode where it shows Gaiman’s comic book style. When writing comics you tend to be more dialgoue based and you definitely get that feeling through the episode. Not only that but I can only imagine the script and how in depth Gaiman put it. The writing not only captured the styling of the reboot but it somehow still feels fresh. The twists and turns and hoops the Doctor has to go through are impressive. This episode also easily takes over as one of the darker ones of late due to some of the graphical content that Gaiman included.

Final thoughts to keep this from spilling into a few thousand words. I would say that it’s the best of the season but I am still riding high on the two part opener and coming off the downer that was last week’s. This episode easily is going to be one of the stronger ones not just due to the fact that it has star power in writing but that everything seemed to flow very well for it and that it just happened to leave me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Glued is the right word and the ending, quite sad. Yes. Next week we get the first of a two part mid season finale! Can’t wait. Oh and I just realized we get two two parters in a row, so we get this one then we get the two part mid season finale.


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