Doctor Who: The Curse Of The Black Spot Review

Following what would be considered the greatest premier of it’s run it leaves the third episode with a large amount to follow up to. Generally the series runs with three solo one part serials before it bounds into a hefty two parter and then back to two single serials then another two parter and then two more single serials and a finale that consists of two parts. It’s been like this since the reboot of the franchise back in 2005. Well this season promises to be totally and utterly different having blown through the first two parter in two episodes and with another two parter after next week’s highly anticipated Neil Gaiman penned episode. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves yet. Here is the thoughts on The Curse of the Black Spot.

The TARDIS crew, following a distress call, lands aboard an 17th century pirate ship stranded in the middle of the ocean due to the lack of wind. The captain and it’s crew or what is left of it’s crew is terrified of a siren or mermaid that upon the drawing of blood takes you and essentially kills you. The Doctor tends to take full on charge but the pirate captain doesn’t like this. There is a mutiny on the ship of course and well we find a stow away kid, ironically he is the captains kid, causing a whole slew of problems. Rory and the kid get injured which thus cause the siren to come after them. Of course the TARDIS is taken too. Shit man this is getting all to what’s the word, heavy. But then the Doctor figures it all out, yes, alien spaceship, alternate planes. Turns out though that all the people were taken to the sick bay on the alien ship and the siren was just a hologram doctor. She won’t let Amy take Rory (who drowned) but eventually does. This makes it another time Rory almost dies as Amy performs CPR on him and brings him back. Episode ends with the pirate crew becoming essentially space pirates, and that is how the X-Man Cyclops was born. No I’m just kidding.

The episode’s writing wasn’t to blame for anything at all. It wasn’t the best writing but when you follow up a two part serial you generally feel like the excitement is temporarily gone. This episode won’t go down as one of the best of the season or even of Matt Smith’s tenure as the Doctor. The dialgoue did feel a bit redundant or maybe it was just me holding it up to the high expectations I hold each episode up to?

The effects were great for a television show. Lily Cole who played the siren looked almost as if she was not even real. But she was. Sure the long shots of the boat in the ocean looked a bit lame and almost like a high end Square PS2 game it wasn’t anything awful by Doctor Who standards.

Your guest roles weren’t spiffy or impressive either. Arthur Darville gave his best efforts in this one especially after he cut himself. Brilliant. It was. Matt Smith and Karen Gillian were alright.

Overall this episode was probably one of the worst ones in Smith’s tenure, and that’s not saying much. Seeing that most of his run ins are generally well favored this one left a bad taste in my mouth as compared to the last few. Surely it wasn’t as bad as the second part of the season finale last year, which could explain why there is only one part in this year’s finale. Needless to say I look further and further to “The Doctor’s Wife” as penned by Neil Gaiman.


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