Doctor Who: The Day of The Moon Review

It’s here, the second part of the two part episode.The Day of the Moon” is the follow up episode to last week’s astonishing premier “The Impossible Astronaut.” Like most two part episodes we are left with multiple questions like who the fuck is that thing? What the fuck is up with Amelia Pond? And the big one still remains after all this time, WHO THE FUCK IS RIVER SONG!? Well I’ll tell you what two of those questions are answered but there still remains the promise of the third one coming soon.

Doctor Who serials like this generally aren’t meant to be watched side by side. That’s something I tend not to do when new episodes air, but I am going to watch this one again following “Astronaut” just to get a glimpse of the flow. I have this feeling that unlike Davies’ episodes these will flow. I have so much faith in Steven Moffat as a writer and head of the show that I follow blindly. But then again I am a huge fanatic so WHO knows if I’m right.

Okay so let’s talk plot and yes there are spoilers, which is why it is after the jump! Yay! Remember how the last episode ended with Amy shooting the astronaut to “save” the Doctor’s life? Yeah well it picks up later than that. Amy, Rory and River are all on the run from Uncle Sam. Canton is leading the chase as you can tell since you don’t remember the aliens when they disappear or something like that. Canton kills the three of them, well not River cause you know River, she jumps off the 50th floor like a crazy lady. We find out that the Doctor (with really bad beard) is being locked up inside a special prison made of very special blocks.

Now after we find out that the Doctor is brilliant and set this all up (3 months of planning, at least with a beard still in tact too!) they split up and we find the Doctor tampering with the space launch. That’s gutsy. Of course he gets caught and ends up needing Tricky Dick to get him out of the situation. Of course there is always a reason why he is tampering with the launch anyways.

We find Amy and Canton at some orphanage but it’s totally weird. The whole situation is sticky and Amy gets captured. Of course the Doctor had previously devised a way to remember the creatures and it just works. I’ll explain how awesome the editors and directors made this work. It’s really neat. Of course Amy gets captured, oh wait I just said that. The aliens, The Silence, happened to have been around forever and were planting ideas in the humans minds or something like that. Hence why we are going to the moon now in 1969. Of course Canton catches a really important message on a video phone (Amy’s) and that sets the Doctor’s whole plan in motion.

It ends obviously semi-happy as I will leave out the Doctor’s brilliant plan on stopping the Silence and say it’s wonderful. Rory and Amy and the Doctor drop River off at the prison where she was and end up back in the TARDIS where we hear about Amy’s pregnancy. Of course we don’t find out if she is, or if she isn’t and if she is is it Rory’s or The Doctor’s. And of course the ending of the actual episode (not saying!) makes me wonder a lot. What’s going to happen? Who knows!?

The writing is very well done and that should not be a surprise. I originally thought they kept saying Science will fall but it turns out its Silence will fall. If you remember back to the “The Eleventh Hour” episode Prisoner Zero says “Silence Will Fall” and then in “Vampires of Venice” the main female says “We ran from the Silence.” It would seem Moffat planned this to happen since he took over which goes to say how well planned out a whole season of the show is. For those of you who don’t realize this that is worth noting.

Now the dialogue is amazing. I mean it’s Doctor Who so it has to be smart and clever and it maintains that without insulting your intelligence. That’s one of the things I love about the show. It makes you feel smarter from watching it. They don’t throw huge terms at you and expect you to get it, instead they take the time to explain certain things, the sciencey things and it makes sense to you. Very good.

The story as well flowed from that week gap to this episode very nicely. It’s not like there was a super cliff hanger ending, there was a time gap of three months in the story between the end of the first part and the start of the second part, making it okay for there to be that week jump between the episodes. While the story, unlike most two parters, doesn’t have many plot holes, something that I found pleasing. I found myself in shock and awe at some of the ideas throughout the episode and that is something I love. This is a well written one to boot.

The acting once again is stellar. Matt Smith is finally a Doctor I can say I love. Maybe not as much as David Tennant but I love the way he acts. He makes the Doctor still have that childish innocence while maintaining that youthful excitement about everything he finds. Karen Gillian is improving but Arthur Darville still irks me, I think he always will, he reminds me too much of Mickey Smith. Both Canton and Nixon feel like they were trying too hard but then again Doctor Who isn’t about acting.

I love the directing here and mainly the editing. Especially with how they chose to remember the Silence was there. It was genius the way they edited it so that what was happening (what they forgot) was edited out of the actual scene but the dialogue was kept in a recording device. It was so well done. I normally consider two part episodes to be a part of one serial which would mean this is merely a continuation of the premier. So the term best premier ever still applies in this sense of the word. God I can’t wait till next Saturday.

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