Doctor Who: The Impossible Astronaut Review

The most loved show in the United Kingdom is back for it’s sixth season in it’s first reboot as the 11th incarnation of the time traveling Time Lord The Doctor embarks on something that we haven’t seen since the reboot, a two part season opener. When Steven Moffat took over he jumbled up the Russell T. Davies formula in just his second season. Totally throwing off the OCD of several Who fanatics. While a two part season opener seems a bit strange I can assure you that it works, at least so far in the first part. And you know what. Best. Premier. Ever.

The plot has Amy and Rory as well as River Song recieving invites with a specific date, and location to go. Turns out they are meeting the Doctor in…AMERICA!. Wow. For the first time ever the show is actually filmed in the country. So after all the fun introductions the Doc and River try to figure out where they are in each other’s bizarre fucked up  time traveling ways. The Doctor admits that he has been running for his whole life. This could be bad.

Space 1969. Credits. Okay I’m hooked. So after the credits are done rolling the gang is having some wine and a picnic off in the Utah desert. Okay. Feeling like filler right now. And then an astronaut appears in the lake and the Doctor goes off to chat with it. Oh god this is bad. Really bad. Let’s see. Wow, they kill the Doctor off in mid regeneration. This is already appearing to be an awesome episode. The Doctor is dead and Amy does the best job of acting upset.

They burn the Doctor and guess who shows up at the diner later that night. The Doctor. But he’s younger by 200 years. Interesting. Very interesting. They go to the White House where President Nixon is getting odd phone calls. They of course go to investigate it and bad things happen. I won’t go further into the episode’s plot without ruining the awesome-ness of the whole deal but let me say it truly was a great one.

Moffat delivers a powerful script with turns and twists that leave you scratching your head. Moffat’s episodes during the Tennant run tended to be a bit more uplifting and humorous as compared to bleak and dark but this season promises to be a very dark and foreboding season. The dialogue was superb and everything seems to flow very well.

The acting was impeccable. Matt Smith has really worn on me as the Doctor himself. I have to say I really enjoy him now. He’s not David Tennant and never will be but you know what he does do a bang up good job in the role these days. Karen Gillian as Amy Pond isn’t the greatest of actresses in the  world but she seemingly improves with each episode and it doesn’t matter that she’s eye candy. Arthur Darville is my least favorite character. I hate Rory and when I was asked who I thought was going to die I said him. Then jokingly retorted with Matt Smith. Surely though Alex Kingston as River Song was another one of those jobs that was superb and it seems like she’ll be tagging along. Regretably I miss the days of Rose Tyler and Jack Harkness being in there. It was as if there was a giant sex orgy of awesome in the TARDIS.

So I apologize for this taking longer than I expected but hey next week’s will be fresh and right after the episode is viewed by me.

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