[MOVIE REVIEW] Your Highness

Your Highness from the title invokes one thought into my mind, and that one thought is something that I kept pondering throughout the film’s duration. This is going to be a stoner comedy that people won’t get unless they are high, ala Pineapple Express. Although I had never smoked a single joint I did enjoy Pineapple Express to the extent that someone who has never tried the reefer can enjoy a film about the miracle drug. Do you see what I am getting at? So when I got my tickets to see Your Highness I was a little concerned for the people who were seeing it without being high at the time or ever being high. What you get though is not what you think.

The film starts off simply enough with our main character Prince Thadius (or some dereivitive of that name) who is played by the writer of the film Danny McBride being charged with some sort of crime by the little people. I think it had something to do with screwing the king’s wife or daughter. There is a slew of little people jokes, of which actually are slightly funny if you aren’t thinking too much like James Kastle does on a daily basis. Of course the Prince gets out because, well little people can’t hang big people. Opening credits with voice over of McBride randomly talking about what happened with profanity everywhere! Of course that isn’t how the film begins, I forgot about the voiceover narrative with the two minute plot development but that doesn’t matter.

Of course we are eventually introduced to the main underlying theme of the story as James Franco’s Prince Fappious (that’s what I call him cause the British accents from McBride weren’t that great) comes back from a quest with well the ever enchanting Zooey Deschanel’s Belladonna. Fappious falls in love plans to get married and of course his younger brother is exceedingly jealous. Jealousy between brothers is portrayed so much in this film as you go through shockingly you get development of the two characters and wow it’s just impressive to see it in a comedy.

Belladonna is kidnapped by the evil wizard and they must go on a quest to save her. Along the way they encounter Natalie Portman’s Isabella and a guy who literally looks like Conan the Barbarian. There also is a perverted wizard who apparently at one point molested Franco as McBride confirs in Portman “I think he molested my brother” after hearing Fappious say “We used to take our shirts off and jump on the bed” while visiting the wise wizard.

Yes the plot is nothing impressive but why would it be when it’s more of a stoner comedy? I am willing to overlook plots more so often than not in comedies as compared to any other form of film since it’s not the story that makes a good comedy, it’s almost everything else. Take for instance The Hangover, that film wasn’t too original and look how it did! But comedy is a double edged sword as we see in every parody movie that Leslie Neilsen starred in since the 1990’s that wasn’t the Naked Gun.

This film’s humor though doesn’t rely as much on weed and stoner jokes as I thought. Nay, there were a few drug oriented jokes but most of them were more of less sexual jokes. “Everybody in the kingdom wants to suck your dick, but no one wants to suck my dick!” McBride insists to Franco who seemingly tries so hard not to lave as much but it would be easier to say it was Frank Jameso playing the part instead. McBrides vulgar humor though doesn’t appeal to the masses but appeals to the target audience of the 18-36 year old male crowd. Yes there is a scene of tribal people, mainly women, who are topless and they let their tits hang out, but their leader appears to be a mentally handicapped person who is exceedingly mockable.

Sure this film doesn’t find itself as quotable as other comedies it still left me in stitches to an extent. More so that I almost didn’t pay attention to anything else. Granted the concept of comedies is well to be funny at almost any cost. So my advice is to lower your expectations and let the fuckening begin. Your Highness scores a 6.5 out of 10 for above average writing, decent visual effects, and impressive acting from accomplished stars Portman, Deschenel, and Franco.


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