Foo Fighters’ Wasting Light First Listen Thoughts

I’m not the world’s largest Foo fan, I liked Nirvana, I like Foo. Dave Grohl is one of the greatest musicians out there today. The man is like self taught musician. But the fact remains that I don’t think I am a fully qualified reviewer for this album. My friends Andy and Dan are more eligible to do this than me being exceedingly well versed in the Foo catalog. So what I’m going to do is just jot down my thoughts on the record song by song. Nothing too formal, nothing too complex. It’s just my thoughts on an album I normally wouldn’t listen to.

1. Bridge Burning

Wow. This song it’s so good. It’s definitiely my favorite track on the album. Hands down. The song is easy to get into. It has a nice little guitar to it, it has heavy moments and light moments. Now Foo Fighters aren’t the most lyrical of bands but I really like how catchy the chorus is. Grohl obviously has that Grohl-ish sound in his voice, the scratchy sound or whatever it is that we can use to define it. Damn this chorus is catchy. It’s like a good pop song. Don’t want to offend anyone by calling it that though, but by the catchy chorus. Good song, I’d say a 10 out of 10 song. Yep I’ll rate the damn songs. Take that Pitchfork.

2. Rope

Reverb on the guitar sounds cool in the beginning. Doesn’t sound that bad, then boom everything kicks in. This is a good rocking tune. Wish I had a car and could roll down the windows and blast this opening over and over again. Once the vocals kick in it kind of gets hushed down a bit, like the aggression is all in the instruments, which would make sense, this is a rock band after all. Chorus time. Wow another catchy chorus. This can be stuck in my head provided I don’t listen to Rebecca Black on accident like always. Once again it gets softer in the verses. And there goes a nice little vocal-less solo and that reverb fade out. Sweet. And it goes heavy briefly. Fade. Boom. It’s okay I still think this is a solid song. Grohl and the gang are hitting 2 for 2, batting 1.000, go Foo go. This song is a solid 8 out of 10.

3. Dear Rosemary

Ooooo…I like how this starts. This feels like it just might be a ballad like song. At least for them. The guitars sound a bit well I suck at describing them so I’ll just leave it at that. I like this song so far. It’s not perfect but that’s what I think the band does. They don’t strive for perfection. So far it’s a good rock tune. This chorus is nothing super catchy compared to the others though, it still has a nice hook to it. So far this song is not terrible, it seemingly follows a basic set up, you know the verses sound the same and the chorus essentially is the same thing. And the bridge has Grohl reaching higher ranges with his vocals and get this, there is backing vocals from someone not in the band. Impressive to say the least. While this is not as good as Bridge Burning this is still a nice track that should sound great live, in arenas or even intimate theaters. 8.5 on this song.

4. White Limo

I don’t like this song. I heard it before, the video was great but the fact that it’s all heavy and fast paced with Grohl screaming the entire time really turns me off. The guitars and the rest of the band sound great. I can bang my head to it but it’s the Grohl scream, the gutteral that really disgusts me. I can get into the chorus where there are no screaming or at least it’s cut down. When they played on Letterman I am really curious to see how this song turned out there. Of course the levels on the actual singing are low enough that it’s hard to hear them at all. 6.5 for this song, based on the simple fact that I don’t enjoy this song as much as I would like to and the reasons stated above.

5. Arlandria

Very calm, or at least the beginning. A drum beat drives the beginning of the song with stronger lyrics from Grohl. I like this tune so far. Yes. The chorus, I like, it’s very well written on the whole. Sure it sounds more radio friendly as an alt rock song that say White Limo but it’s still a good tune. Grohl seems good at turning out songs that have good lyrical prowess with great instrumentals, as you can see with songs like My Hero. The fact though is this, the song slows down during the verses, perhaps it’s more intimate but it picks up in the bridge or chorus and really makes it more of a everybody come see this! Strong track I got lost, 9.5 out of 10

6. These Days

A very slow song. Much like how the last one started this feels more like the lyrical genius that Grohl may or may not be. The lyrics though aren’t intense or anything like that but they just sound good for some reason. I don’t know how to describe it, like it’s leading up to something. And it does. The chorus picks up with the line “It’s easy for you to say/Your heart has never been broken.” Wow. I really love this chorus, I guess maybe because I can relate to it more than almost any other Foo song I have heard. The next verse slows down and it’s nice, much like the first verse it follows the same formula as the previous verse. 10, perfect track.

7. Back & Forth

This song harkens to the older times, carefree, that’s what I get from the guitar riff and the drum beat. It’s not a heavy song like White Limo but it picks up where the last song ended. The chorus is alright, it’s catchy if I got the words stuck in my head, and like I said it has that old school feel to it. I can’t describe it, I like it but I’m not sure why. This is an 8 out of 10 song.

8. Matter of Time

I’m not sure what to make of this album right now. It seems very slow paced but heavy kind of at the same time. Maybe I just don’t know the band well enough to write this review. The song is slower than some of the other tracks until it reaches the chorus where it picks up. I’m sure people will disagree with my thoughts on this subject but I don’t care. This song isn’t as catchy as the others and that’s fine. Not all the songs need to be catchy. I like the verses though they are very intimate sounding as compared to say the chorus which is blasted out at you, which is a good thing. I’d say this is another track that scores an 8 out of 10.

9. Miss the Misery

I’ll come right out and say it I had to record the live stream last night. So far some of these songs sounded better as live arena esque tracks but others fit both bills. I think this song sounded better live. It’s slowed down and more of a chill song (at least through an iPod it is). I got lost in the song, mainly because it was well a bit different, not a bad different just different. 7.5

10. I Should Have Known

Featuring former Nirvana mate Krist Novoselic this slower tune haunts you with the Grohl voice as he sings “I should have known” for essentially the first minute of the song with his haunting melodies. Yeah there isn’t much yet to this song but I’m sure this would be a great acoustic track based on this simply alone. Yes the track picks up a bit with the rest of the band kicking in and Grohl throwing away the ghostly sound for a more normal sound for him. His voice reaches peaks and soars like a bald eagle in the American skylines before being shot down. See that’s not a bad comparison. I am really getting into this track and It’s a good one. 8.5

11. Walk

The opening guitar riff it sounds like a pop song that I can’t define. That is my only complaint about this song. It sounds like some other song and that bugs me to no end. Other than that I really enjoy this track. Perfectly planned to be the last song, not too heavy but not too soft, well it is pretty soft but you don’t want to go out on a very soft and mellow “pussy” track for a band like this. Either you go out with a bang or you go with a whimper or a nice ballad. The song does pick up but to what extent.


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