[MOVIE REVIEW] Hobo With A Shotgun

A few years ago a movie came out called Grindhouse. Well not really. One movie but it was two. Inbetween the films were a series of trailers. They held a contest to see what the best trailer was and would make it into a movie.It would be a film called Hobo With a Shotgun. Cute, charming and witty is what the trailer originally looked like. Cheesey, yes but what would  happen if they actually made it into a movie. The man who plays said hobo is accomplished actor Rutger Hauer. Yes. An accomplished actor has fallen so low that he has to star in a film like this. Now what was my thoughts on a film that looked fucking awesome in the trailers and that I kind of wanted to see?

This film is exceedingly campy. If you can get past this then maybe just maybe you can enjoy it. Much like films such as Machete, Shoot ‘Em Up, and virtually every Robert Rodriguez film this is a violent madhouse in which our lead goes on a violent rampage. The plot line is so simple. It really is. We take a hobo as he enters a city corrupt by violence, drugs, and crime. He saves a prostitute and it all goes from there. Sure it’s simple and easy but it doesn’t feel very creative. The only creative part was giving a hobo a shotgun.

The scripting feels more forced than bad. Lines like “You know how I know your wet? Because you make my dick thirsty” feel uninspiried and just insulting to the viewer. I get that they are trying to go for the campy this is not supposed to be good scripting type of film but at least try. What made Black Dynamite so successful in it’s black-splotation is that it embraced the nature of those films and was able to parody it while to the naked and untrained eye essentially being what it wasn’t. This film doesn’t even parody the gory action films that were in the drive-throughs at all.

The acting was flat. Almost every actor had a few lines that just made me turn my head. The brothers who eventually get killed were very very flat. When the first one to die delivered his lines I wanted to just hit pause and shake my head. The other reminded me of a bro version of Saturday Night Live’s Andy Samberg, and I like Samberg, but I hated this guy. The man playing “The Drake” irked me. It seemed like he was trying to channel Kurtwood Smith in RoboCop but failed miserably. While Rutger Hauer seemingly was trying to be like co-star in Batman Begins Christian Bale but without a nice bat suit.

The directing seemed to lack any and all initiative in getting these actors to do anything good. While the shots seemed a bit lull and uninspired as well. It seemed that the reason they only made a trailer for it was that it was meant to be a joke and nothing more but by turning it into a full length it seemingly lost any and all cool factor.

My final thoughts are this. A movie like this comes along every so often. With the potential to reach awesome levels or be a flounder on the beach. Sadly even with the backing of a talented actor in Hauer the film seems to be lacking in every single living thing. If you get past the campy ways of this film you’ll at least enjoy it. But the violence is too over the top and the language is to high school. You think that people can grow up and mature then you are totally mistaken. I give Hobo With a Shotgun a meager 5 out of 10 if not for the fact of getting wasted and watching it. I wondered though when the coke appeared where Charlie Sheen was.


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