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The baseball season has started. The almighty Red Sox are winless (at least until tonight I hope). The Orioles also remain unbeaten. Shocker. But it’s not baseball that I am here to talk about. What is it that we are talking about.  WEll on opening weekend a fan was beaten within inches of his life. The man, a 41 year old paramedic with a wife and two kids. Bryan Stow was attending crosstown rival Los Angeles Dodgers take on his beloved San Fransisco Giants in LA when as he was leaving the game he texted he texted his family saying how he didn’t feel safe, he was scared as he left the stadium. Well his emotions, his feelings, well they were realized when two Dodgers fans brutally attacked him in the parking lot after the game.

The people he was with, left, they ran and escaped. Currently he is in the hospital in a medically induced coma in order to help relive pressure on his skull. I don’t know much about doctor stuff but I really feel for the guy, I mean he went to a baseball game and now could suffer severe brain damage for the rest of his life.

Both teams issued a press release saying what was done is not acceptable by either team. the Giants have dedicated the next game against the Dodgers in his honor. Here is to a speedy recovery or at least a healthy recovery. For further updates pertaining to this story keep your eyes peeled to ESPN.

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