Two Doctor Who Trailers To Salivate Over

I know I am a little late on the train here with posting these but I couldn’t contain it any longer. BBC unveiled a new trailer a week or so ago and BBC America put this one out earlier in the week. April 23rd seems so far away but those of you with BBC America can tune in at 9 PM that Saturday and catch for the first time a season premier of Doctor Who airing the same bloody day as it does in the UK.

So the American trailer hides what the show is a bit, kind of not really as much, I mean it does a good job playing up to American Telly viewers. America is the best and what not, but the British version is better because it shows us what the show really is. I don’t know, I was torn on season 5 as compared to the previous David Tennant 10th Doctor seasons but I think this one looks good. I mean we finally find out who River Song is. Jeez, I can’t wait, I’m going to watch it twice that day and every week. Stay tuned for reviews on each episode this season as well as season 4 of Torchwood.


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