[DAILY LIST] Songs Death Cab Need To Play On Tour

The DCFC tour kicks off soon with a brief stop in Philly at the Trocadero Theater in June. Needless to say with just six days between the album’s release and the show date there won’t be much time to learn all the songs necessary to fully enjoy a show. I always find it hard to enjoy a concert fully when a band debuts new music, mainly stuff people haven’t heard. I highly doubt that this would be a show like that, you know where they play just the new music. That being said I have compiled this list of songs the band should, nay must play at the show. Here is the definites that I wish, nay demand Benjamin Gibbard and his crew to play. I want a full length crazy mad show. One that tops all other shows I’ve seen. Do two hours of live music. Nay three hours. Play all fucking night, I’ll be content.

10. Someday You Will Be Loved off of Plans

As haunting as they come. But unlike some of your other work it’s more uplifting. You leave someone in the middle of the night and just flat out tell them that someone better will come around. This song is almost as intimate as they come. I don’t think anyone else could pull something like this off, at least as a song. You don’t see Katy Perry playing songs about this and staying popular, it’s simply because if she did, she’d be done. You make it work. Genius.

09. Any Postal Service Song

How can you deny the awesomeness of this album that you did all those years ago. I have heard acoustic versions that you do on solo tours. It still has the same feel but it’s different. It’s deeper. It’s slower. It has more power to them. I would love you to get the whole band to play any one of the awesome tunes off of the album. Hell I loved this album so much I got it on vinyl. It’s genius to the point that every indie band or musician feels the compulsive need to cover it on their own.

08. The Ice Is Getting Thinner off of Narrow Stairs

You talk about intimate songs, you have to acknowledge this one. It’s beautiful, a nice powerful analogy for a relationship dying. Ben, your lyrics, powerful as always but the fact you refer to the relationship as a sheet of ice that is slowly cracking under all the stress and what not is what I could never do. I sucked at writing stuff like this, I mean I was always blunt, you are blunt at times as well but less so and use better analogies. Plus if you did this with the piano it would be even more haunting and leave the Troc in awe. Or at least me.

07. We Looked Like Giants off of Transatlanticism

This is the perfect song about being in college and having sex with people. I think that is the part of the song that caught my attention on the album. But the thing about this song, is that it’s very intimate. The venue seems intimate, see it’s win win. Hell just play all of this album, seriously, I would love you forever, not to be creepy or stalkerish. If I bought a copy of this album on vinyl would you sign it for me?

06. Why You’d Want To Live Here off of The Photo Album

Idig this song a lot. I walk around the city of Philadelphia and I like to listen to this song. Yes you wrote this about LA but I like to think of it as my song about the city. Your words are very, well nice (not really). It seems like the urban sprawl is spreading and is like a disease we can’t get rid of. It has a pop feel to it though, which makes it catchy, eve if there are no real catchy choruses or what not.

05. Tiny Vessels off of Transatlanticism

Ben, I know you said this is the most brutal song you have ever written but it is in itself sheer beauty. Lyrically it is devastating. It’s haunting chords that decorate the background give the lyrics more of a somber feeling. Do you feel guilty about what you did, cause it seems like you do. The verses are the best part. I am pretty sure you played it live last time I saw you, and it was amazing. It really was. Play it again. Play it again. I relate to this song in my past and I love it because no one has done it to me partly cause I’m not beautiful.

04. What Sarah Said off of Plans

is an awesome record it really is. It’s not as bleak as Narrow Stairs but it’s not much more optimistic. This song has that haunting opening piano that just leaves you as being creepy, something is not right. You know what I’m talking about. The lyrics tell a tale, bleak and depressing but it’s good. Well composed. My favorite part is when you compare loving someone to watching them die. That line really strikes a chord I think. Analogies aside this song makes me want to avoid hospitals at all cost more so now than ever before.

03. Title and Registration off of Transatlanticism

My favorite song ever. My favorite album ever. Play this song. I’ll be pleased, well maybe if you hit some of the others. I have to say though this song has just a catch to it. Something about it makes me want to sing along. It’s just a real awesome song. I don’t have much to say. It’s just so simple. Everything about it is so simple but so powerful and deep. Please just play this song as an opener and see how pumped the crowd gets. I bet it’s a lot.

02. Styrofoam Plates off of The Photo Album

Who doesn’t like a song denouncing someone’s father. I know I do. When my mother left this song spoke volumes to me. It actually helped me cope, I know you won’t read this Ben but play this song. You just have to. I know it’s brutal and it’s not nice but it has a powerful message to it. The lyrics here are one of the strongest on said album as well as the mixing of the sound, from the guitars to the vocals to everything else. The analogies deep within also are quite well, powerful. The juxtaposition that you use in the song. Wow, and yes I know the story behind it too.

01. Transatlanticism off of Transatlanticism

The eerie line of “I Need You So Much Closer” echoing throughout the tiny theater makes an already intimate piano/drum track even more intimate. The way the song is written, would be a perfect way to close out both an encore or a second or third encore. The haunting melody of the track just seems to settle even the most savage beast. This is clearly one of Gibbard’s most well written tracks and you know what, it’s just as melodic and beautiful live as it is on the record.


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