[MOVIE REVIEW] Source Code

Duncan Jones is the son of David Bowie. Duncan Jones has only directed one other film in his brief career, Moon. Duncan Jones returns with a new movie called Source Code. Think of it as a fusion of Time Cop and The Matrix with the sultry and steamy Jake Gyllenhaal. The movie is well either going to go one or two ways, either freaking awesome thanks to the very short track record of Jones or going to be a total nightmare thanks to the short record of Jones.

The film’s story is convoluted but that is the point of it. Gyllenhaal plays an Air Force guy who is placed within someone else’s body in order to solve a bombing. Plain and simple there is the plot for you. There are the twists that you can expect from any movie but it’s all in the storytelling as well as the acting. Let’s discuss the plot. It’s nothing too complex. It doesn’t try to be deep and empowering and moving. It’s simple, much like the plot line for Inception. What the film’s plot does is take a main character or set of main characters and continually puts them in extraordinary situations, kind of like on repeat I guess you can say. The thing though about the plot that I enjoyed is the changes that happen. It’s one event but Gyllenhaal can change it, not directly but during that session he can change it. I really like the concept.

The scripting was well, very well done. The dialogue wasn’t awful like some movies like this are. They throw sciencey terms out there but I doubt it’s just to sound smart it’s more so to explain how they do it, even if it is still impossible. Of course the characters do feel a little shallow but when you have one event constantly being replayed over and over again you get a feeling that these characters, while expendable, are not as important as the hot steamy Gyllenhaal is himself. Surely though some of them stand out and act differently but not as much each passing time. As the plot develops our hero becomes more and more relatable or more so he develops further and further. The one character we get superb development on throughout the film which shocked me is Vera Farmiga’s character. Very well written out and I have to say, I felt like I could feel it or something like that.

When it comes to movies you can have the worst script but have phenomenal actors act out each role methodically that actually saves the movie. The role can always be reversed but in this case they take a script that wasn’t bad in the first place and make it even better. Gyllenhaal is not a bad actor by any means, he’s great, and you know what he carried this film very well. Farmiga displayed her character’s evolution so to speak with poise and great talent, she was amazing in Up In the Air a few years ago, so why not be good still? Jeffery Wright (Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace) was also rather good in this film. I don’t think the rest of the ensemble was amazing or impeccable, just those three.

Duncan Jones does a great job when it comes to editing as well as directing. I can’t think of a style of film that needs as much well done edits as well as directorial job. I really have come to the conclusion that Jones is a real director and not just succeeding thanks to mad love for his father. This is a must see in a bleak period for cinema, I give this a 9 out of 10.



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