Cut Copy Concert Review

So it’s Thursday. I just finished working and it was time to see Cut Copy perform at the Trocadero in the city. I had been listening to Cut Copy a lot lately to prepare for the show. I really liked them, don’t get me wrong, but I wasn’t sure what to expect with the show. Me mate Andy was totally ready to be jumping about and having a good time, having¬† a good time. Well that last sentence felt like it was a freaking song lyric. Anyways here is the review of the event!

So let’s talk about the venue. The Troc is tiny. There are two floors, the “ballroom” where every one would be to dance. The top part was the “bar” and balcony where those who just wanted to hear the music. The place is very intimate but I’m not sure how good it was for an electronic band. My thoughts began to dwell on how hard it would be to recreate the electronic sound that they have on the album.

The opening act showed up a little late. That was a bit odd. They were a band called Holy Ghost. Now they didn’t sound band. They had some nice retro sounds with a pop feel to them. Honestly it was hard to hear them at times but it wasn’t an awful. My biggest complaint though the band came out with bottles of beer to drink between songs. That to me just seemed a bit unprofessional. You want to be a band but you come on the stage drinking beer. The one band that I saw do that was god awful about that, they were drunk on stage (Coheed). They played music with the help of an iPad at times. Wow. Pretty neat. They played for only about forty minutes and were off stage.

After about twenty or so minutes maybe more Cut Copy finally came on. Andy and I agreed that they were gonna open up with Need You Now. Nope they open a door and burst into a track off of their second album In Ghost Colours called Visions. What a shocking opener I thought. My biggest problem with the show though would be the fact that I knew the songs but didn’t know the songs. That sounds odd but it’s true. Another problem I had is that every single person would be jumping up and down literally hitting you cause the place was overbooked. So with everyone dancing you were bound to get hit, I know I did, in the face.

They followed seamlessly up with Nobody Lost, Nobody Found, which is the track immediately after Visions on the same album. They managed to recreate the album sound with a few missing elements, but even the effects on the vocals they were able to do. They did leave me questioning if they were lip syncing at times but I threw that away seeing as that would be a cop out and these guys are Aussies.

After doing a few moments of talking and plugging their pretty solid new album Zonoscope they performed the third track off of the album Where I’m Going. If you read my review you would know my thoughts on this song, so I really won’t delve into my thoughts on the songs but more so the sound. It didn’t sound bad but it didn’t fit the mold. It was more like well, you know as if the Beach Boys were playing their music.

A track off of Ghost Colours was next called Feel The Love. This is one of my favorite songs off of that album so I really dug the sound they had going into the show with this song. Recreating as best as they could with the nice little odds and ends that would come with it. Corner of the Sky off of zonoscope was next. That was a great song on the album that worked better live. Simply because it was more of a sing along song especially in the chorus. Shockingly you could hear the vocals almost fully clearly on these songs which impressed me a lot because most mixing has it set so that you can barely hear what they are singing and more so hear the rest of the band over the important vocals.

It was time for another track off of Ghost with a single called Lights and Music. By the way this is one of my favorite tracks from them. It was awesome. I sang along when I knew the words, which wasn’t that often actually, but still I felt good. Kinda bobbed my head around to the beat as well. The entire song sounded freaking awesome live and it still didn’t ruin the sound on the actual album. Sure sometimes bands get poorly translated live because they don’t have it, Cut Copy does.

They went back to new material after teasing us with Take Me Over. This song if you remember sounds like Men Down Under of something like that. It worked well live. But not the way you would expect. It was a good sing along song especially in the chorus. The only reason it worked was mainly because of the fact that the album has been around since January (leaking and then being released), so playing new songs didn’t feel awkward. After that one they played a really good track of the new album Pharaohs and Pyramids. I really liked this song live too. It translates well. Not like some bands and their music. This track also had me bobbing my head around as well. Of course eventually people would start punching me, not on purpose by the way. The bad part about this song is it’s not really a sing along song though so it kind of defeats the purpose, it’s more of a take LSD and dance around like retard song.

They finally got some stuff off of Bright Like Neon Love played and I think it might have been the only one. Another one of my favorite tracks called Saturdays. I wasn’t sure if they played the reprise or not but I think they actually did the full version. I really like this song. And it also worked. When you play music like this you easily make songs that people just dance to or you can add sing along lyrics. Saturdays is a song like that. You can tell that these guys were raised on the 1980s new wave music. Listen to something by a new wave band then put on Cut Copy. Yeah you see it now.

Voices in Quartz is one of those filler songs that you play to kind of swing between songs. Another Ghost track before hopping over to Hearts on Fire. It worked. Not bad. It was a song that everyone danced and sang along to. Easy. It was a nice way to start to fade out of the show. Well you didn’t want it to end. But it had to but it was so short. They closed out the first set with Sun God. I didn’t like that song but this was a song that worked so well live, they played to the venues strengths. Beautiful.

The brief encore felt insulting but it consisted of the single Need You Now and Out There On The Ice. Weak encore. And the madness ensued to leave the place. My final thoughts? If you are a fan of the band you wouldn’t be disappointed by their live performance. Great stage presence as well as phenomenal live sound. So don’t question these Cutters when they are touring and spend the few bucks to go see them.


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