Warner Bros. Are the Most Retarded Film Company Around

It’s kind of sort of news. Not really sure how or why it’s important. A Justice League movie is on the way in 2013. But how is that possible! Batman is set in a universe right now that doesn’t allow a JL to occur. Superman is being rebooted right now, okay that might work. Green Lantern is coming out this summer. Alright fair enough. Wonder Woman is just a meager television series. Not good. So this news makes little sense. Word on the street is this. Batman gets a very quick and probably depressingly sucky reboot almost immediately after Nolan is finished with The Dark Knight Rises. Essentially erasing all the awesome Nolan set out and did. Of course on the reboot Nolan, aka the God of DC at this moment will be producing.

Let me explain why this won’t work. Superman won’t be a hit (Zach Snyder sucks at directing in most cases), Wonder Woman will get canned after a season, the Batman reboot won’t be done or be as good, and Green Lantern BAH! Ryan Reynolds probably would rather be Deadpool. A JL movie won’t happen for at least another ten years, that would give WB and DC time to move around their heroic franchises and set this up much like Marvel did with Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and the Cap. See it can work.


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