Pixar Is Older Than Me: 25th Anniverary

Back in 1979 a small company was founded called Graphics Group. Well I wouldn’t be so sure to call them small because I highly doubt they were. It just felt like a nice place to start this piece. Well how can you be small when you are part of the computer division of LucasArts. LucasArts being the company run by the great almighty and powerful wizard George Lucas? Yet seven years later Steve Jobs, you know that guy, acquired the company. Jobs is the co founder of Apple, but also the iPod, iPhone, iPad, and soon to be iEarth maker too. Well that’s when they changed from their dull and boring name to Pixar.

Essentially the rest is history. With Toy Story being a minor success for Disney and Pixar the next film in that series was bound to be straight to VHS. Of course arguments abound led to it being theatrically released. Of course during the 25 years of Pixar’s existence the company has made 12 theatrical films and countless shorts. Winning awards for films like Up, Finding Nemo and Wall-E. They opened up their 20th anniversary with the release of Cars and will follow up their 25th with the release of Cars 2 due out in June.


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