This Week We Bid Adieu To LCD Soundsystem

I believe a month or so ago I posted something along the lines of how James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem announced they were quitting. Taking a much needed vacation. Or what not. They booked their final show at the holy arena that is Madison Square Garden. Tickets went on sale and in a heartbeat they were gone. LCD Soundsystem big enough to sell out MSG?!

Well unfortunately no. It turns out scalpers got a hold of the tickets. Booking MSG as Murphy pointed out when this occurred was tough enough. Try adding another night. No that won’t happen, it’s mother fucking MADISON SQUARE GARDEN. Murphy was disgruntled. Scalpers were selling the tickets at higher than face value. Ripping people off of the funeral that would be soothingly exciting. As if you were in a club rocking out with some E in your system. How would you feel having to overpay to see a band who was quitting?

Murphy though thought fast on his feet. He added more dates in NYC to lower the scalpers prices. Yes genius! Instead of closing on April 2nd with a bang let’s make it a longer celebration. Murphy added a date if not two at NYC’s Terminal 5. One of those shows is tonight. A friend of mine is going. He’s excited. This is going to be most likely the cheeriest farewall/funeral/burial in the history of history.

Today though Murphy still not pleased with the 3-hour spectacle planned for MSG will move the stage around, shrink it do whatever he can to squeeze in an extra 1500 fans. Murphy is not doing this for himself, obviously, but for the fans. It’s always about pleasing them, I’m sure he would say. He probably would add that without them he would be just another DJ doing remixes or what not, or at least something like that. So friends who can’t get your tix Pitchfork will stream the entire show! FREE OF COST, but then again if you have some moral distaste for Pitchfork then you are just flat out screwed. As for me, I say adios to LCD but with a tear rolling down my cheek.

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