[DAILY LIST] Top Toons of the ’90s

I grew up in the 1990’s. This was a great time for Saturday morning cartoons and since I am feeling exceedingly nostalgic I put this list together. You know you are a good toon when you can go back and watch it as an adult and it still is good. I did a list of inappropriate kids shows back when I first started but now I am doing one of the best toons from the decade. So what qualifies one to be the best? Does it still hold up? For instance an action show, does it still rank up there with the best of today? Comedy ones, is the humor still slightly relevant. You see what I am going with here.

10. Dexter’s Laboratory
Episodes: 78
First Airing: 1996

Dexter doesn’t go super high up on the list because of the lack of quality episodes. The show was taken off the air for a period of time and then sadly it came back without the main original group of workers. Sadly. The show though had a nice animation style and great humor. I remember watching an episode a few weeks ago. Or was it months ago. I forget. It was still funny if you ask me. But it doesn’t hold up as much as the rest of the list.

09. X-Men
Episodes: 76
First Airing: 1992

X-Men was based on a comic series. And unlike some of the other shows this one is more accurate to the actual comic books than the others. Sure the very 90s costumes of the X-Men as well as hairstyles seemingly have not aged well the show is the only place outside of the actual comic series that you can actually get the Dark Phoenix Saga told accurately.

08. South Park
Episodes: 202 and counting
First Airing: 1997

As a ten year old potty jokes and vulgarity were awesome. That’s what made the first few seasons of this show so great. Of course the episodes don’t hold up as well since at one point it became very topical and unfortunately referencing pop culture and eventually it became just that. Each week you would ask yourself what are they gonna spoof this week. Sadly the newer the episodes the more likely you’ll be let down by the relevance of the episode.

07. King of the Hill
Episodes: 255
First Airing: 1997

This came on after The Simpsons so I watched it. I hated it. It aired on Adult Swim. Still htaed it. After time I really slowly got into it. And now I see the light. Hank Hill is just crazy. Boomhower is in love with sex. And Bill. What can you say about Bill. The show is great and what do you expect from the guy who did Beavis and Butthead?

06. The Animaniacs
Episodes: 99
First Airing: 1993

Man this show was awesome. They taught you things but through belches and farts. It was the kind of humor that as a kid you think is sheer genius and you never ever ever want to grow up. But then you grow up and reach your late teens and realize farts and burps are still pretty funny so when you need a history lesson this shit is still pretty funny. Plus it’s from Speilberg. Would he give us crap?

05. The Ren and Stimpy Show
Episodes: 52
First Airing: 1991

It’s impressive that a show this old can still be funny. It’s like watching old episodes of Home Improvement and wondering why Tim Allen is still alive. This show was nothing but potty humor as well as insane and random awful jokes. I remember Saturday mornings after Rugrats or some friendly Nick show that this would come on and I’d be utterly freaked out by the visuals. Watching it now I can’t help but laugh my ass off.

04. Daria
Episodes: 65
First Airing: 1997

I missed the Beavis and Butthead train. I really did. I was too young to understand it. Too young to see it. Too young to just get it. When Daria came around I was still too young. I watched a few episodes of this teen show (I thought it was for kids eh) and was like ew. But now that I am older I give it a go and I have to say this is one damn well done show. Even to this day it still holds up in the message and what not. The only thing that ruined the show was the lack of licensing on the songs that was in the original episodes that they couldn’t get for the DVD release.

03. Rocko’s Modern Life
Episodes: 52
First Airing: 1993

As a very young kid this was my favorite. The colors, the voices just about everything about this show was really neat. Too bad at one point my parents banned me from watching this show. Well thanks to the internet I can watch it whenever I want. It still holds up. The adult humor is not really lost on my but now I get it and it’s funny. Sure like most kid’s oriented shows it still has the moments were you learn some horrible lesson and you want to gouge your eyes out and blah blah blah.

02. Spongebob Squarepants
Episodes: 149 and continuing
First Airing: 1999

This is impressive. I forgot SBSP debuted near the end of the century. After rewatching some of the older stuff I was amazed by how well it held up by today’s standards. The humor still is funny, since most of it you wouldn’t get until you were a late teenager. But even the newer episodes maintain that freshness that you are surprised to see in a show aimed at children.

01. Batman: The Animated Series
Episodes: 85
First Airing: 1992

Sadly the series didn’t have that long run that some of the others on this list have had the fortune of having but you know what this is one of the few that still stands the test of time. The animation is still solid compared to today’s action cartoons. It’s better than any Batman animation made since with only legit competition from Batman Beyond but that doesn’t even compare. When you have episodes penned by the creator of the Hellboy comic series you know you have good stuff. Mark Hamil provides the voice of the Joker and he still does the voice to this day. See when you have an iconic voice actor still voicing to this day you did something right.



Blogger’s Note: Shows like Futurama, Family Guy, Beavis and Butthead don’t make the cut. Sadly I never saw them until it was too late. As for B+B I was too young to understand anything if I ever watched it. So no hating here. Hahah.

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