[DAILY LIST] The Best Keanu Reeves Films

This list is specifically for the girlfriend. I know how much she loves Keanu. He’s such a hunk. I mean yeah he may not be the world’s best actor but he can still put out a good role here and there. I think this list is one of the more fun lists I have had to put together simply on the basis of what is a good Keanu Reeves film. The whole idea is subjective but if we go Rotten Tomatoes ratings we shockingly get a good list here. So the question here is how do I go about this list. I mean I want to see Sad Keanu happy. So here is my vain attempt at making Keanu look like the Academy Award Winning actor he is. #Winning.

07. Much Ado About Nothing

Reeves and Denzel are brothers. Enough said. This is awesome in the concept of it. A black guy and a white guy are brothers. I saw this film and could never get over that fact. It was awesome and almost all I have to say about this film. Watching it in high school english class I was like ZOMFG KEANU REEVES! The film did costar other than Denzel and Keanu, Michael Keaton, Emma Thompson and Wilson from House MD. But it introduced the world to the smoking hot Kate Beckinsale.

06. A Scanner Darkly

Sure Reeves gets out acted by Robert Downey Jr. in this film adaptation of Phillip K. Dick’s novel but surely the animation doesn’t hide Reeves’ hunky body. The film has so many loops and twists that could make for a thrilling roller coaster at Disney. The first and only time I watched this movie I was a tad bit weirded out by it but that’s a good thing. That is if you think about it properly.

05. The Devil’s Advocate

Al Pacino plays the devil who runs a law firm. Pretty funny right there. Plus Keanu is an up and coming lawyer who gets taken in and gets everything he wants for working for the Devil. Although he doesn’t know it’s the devil for a bit. Kinda funny if you ask me. Keanu is so compelling he made America believe that all lawyers are the devil and thus they suck away at your kid’s college funds.

04. Pointbreak

Keanu is on the ground shouting as he shoots his gun in the sky. Classic classic scene. It’s an awesome film. Why not? Keanu Reeves doing his thing yet again. Reeves plays a cop who to catch the criminals the “Ex Presidents” has to learn how to surf and score babes. Gary Busey costars with the hunky Patrick Swazye and of course Dr. Cox from Scrubs. See good movie. Even James Cameron produced it.

03. Speed

The tagline reads “Get Ready For Rush Hour” meaning this movie has to be fucking awesome. Reeves has solidfied himself as not only a bad actor but an awesome action star. Come on the man has starred in a huge blockbuster trilogy that netted him millions. He starred in two big stoner comedies. And then he does the lovey dovey? Bah. Reeves is the cop on the edge trying to stop the evil Dennis Hopper for being evil. And Sandra Bullock? She’s just eye candy.

02. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

The classic stoner film. Reeves portrays this failure of a human being with such excellence that can only be conveyed by an actor of his talent. Reeves makes us believe that he is constantly stoned probably by being constantly stones. Granted the film may or may not hold up to today’s stoner friendly comedy but Reeves delivers an award winning heart pounding thrilling experience that makes you want to weep for him. You think I haven’t seen the movie.

01. The Matrix

The Matrix
is Keanu at his best. Quite simply speechless. He plays the witless hero. A hacker, the hero of our generation. Pulled into some crazy computer world that only someone born in Generation X would make up and most likely find appealing. From the general acting skill of Reeves we are able to grasp this messiah of the computer and real world as he does his thing and we can only simply say WOAH.

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