[BATMAN NEWS] Another Villain Joins The Dark Knight Rises

A few weeks back it was reported that Joseph Gordon Levitt was cast in the upcoming finale of Christopher Nolan’s Bat-trilogy The Dark Knight Rises. The word around the internet said he was gonna be Dick Grayson/Robin, maybe even a Joker cameo. Or how about the set up for the fourth film, with no Nolan as Edward Nigma/Riddler. People were thinking how it was most likely going to be Robin because Nolan wants to destroy the franchise. A lot were favoring the Joker cameo seeing as how make up would cover up the non Heath Ledger look. But the rest were craving  set up as the Riddler. JGL would have been amazing some were thinking but it is not meant to be, maybe Johnny Depp or even David Tennant (I think he can do it!) will possibly get the role. JGL’s role is Alberto Falcone, the son of Carmine (you know the mob guy from Begins). In The Long Halloween graphic novel Falonce was widely considered to be the Holiday Killler. Will JGL do some holiday killings? We’ll find out in 2012 when it comes out.


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