Charlie Sheen’s Cavalcade of Crazy

Death. It happens and people have to find a way to deal with it. Sometimes it’s the ending of a career and not a real life death. This is what could happen to the actor that is Charlie Sheen. Sheen is the highest paid television actor on the hit sitcom Two and a Half Men and up until recently appeared on a weekly basis on the CBS program. It was well documented that Sheen had had what was known as personal problems, be that addictions to hard liquor and crack cocaine as well as hookers. Sheen’s personal problems have yet to hit the show in any way up until recently.

Back at the end of January Sheen was hospitalized for what he calls “abdominal” pains. The rumor was that Sheen had ingested too much cocaine and was overdosing. Due to this the producers at CBS urged Sheen to go into rehab for his noted problems. Essentially he flipped them the bird and said I am fine. He went into his own home the “Sober Valley Lodge.”

Sheen though was always professional on the set according to the staff on the program. It wasn’t until the last weekend in February that everything blew up in both Sheen’s face and the show’s creator Chuck Lorre. When the show went from the final eight episodes down to just four so that Sheen could get the help he needed Sheen was not pleased, seeing as the star makes 1.8 million dollars per episode we are talking a sizable loss of money.

Sheen eventually sent some harsh words to Lorre that came off as anti-semantic and eventually led to the shows current status of indefinite hiatus. Sheen though has since started a war over CBS and Warner Bros over the current situation. Sheen claims he has cured his illness. “I’ve cured it. With my brain.” Sheen says during one of the many interviews he has done since. Sheen is not against a return to the show but he demands a fifty percent raise, so that would be around 3 million an episode. Sheen has also threatened to sue CBS for breach of contract.

Last night he appeared on 20/20 and after the interview was over his kids, the twins that are being raised by 23 year old porn actress and girlfriend Bree Olsen as well as model Natalie Kenly. Sheen dubs his girlfriends the Goddesses as they are exactly that. The kids were taken from Sheen by his ex who happened to have won custody over the children. Sheen fears that her coke use could endanger the children. We’ll keep you updated as the story progresses


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