Academy Awards Post

The Academy Awards wrapped up tonight and it’s time for a boring review of the awards show. The show having been hosted by the attractive young pair James Franco and Anne Hathaway seemingly sounded quite dull from the get go. I had no intention of watching due to my lack of interest in watching these awards shows, figured I’d just catch highlights the day after the show if anything interesting. That’s why the internet exists, so we can get the award winners just seconds after they are announced.  Earlier I posted my predictions on the large awards leaving the small ones out of it because I didn’t feel like covering every award.

First off let’s just run off some of the awards quickly here. Inception took best Visual Effects, Cinematography,  adn both Sound awards as those sadly would be the only awards Nolan’s masterpiece of the mind took in. Alice in Wonderland, the flop starring Johnny Depp took home a pair of awards netting Best Art Direction and Best Costume Design. Both awards for them were a bit of a shocker at least to me. The Wolfman won what is the joke award with Best Make Up over two other films that were not that impressive.

The Social Network, aka the Facebook film, took home  Best Film Editing as well as giving Trent Reznore (Nine Inch Nails) the Best Soundtrack. Aaron Sorkin got the best Adapted Screenplay from the novel Accidental Billionaires.

Toy Story 3 had a brief reign of terror upsetting 127 Hours for best song thank you very much Randy Newman. The film also easily took home best animated film without a single hitch. God of Love took home best live short film with The Lost Thing being the animated short. Neither rare categories I would consider myself knowledgeable in.

Strangers No More won the short documentary while Banksy got snubbed for feature documentary as Inside Job took it home. In A Better World was the foreign film that took home the award. Kudos to these winners, categories I am not very familiar in.

The Fighter got only two awards. The two awards that it took home were both for Supporting roles, Mellisa Leo won for actress as the mother and Christian Bale took home supporting actor for his portrayal of Dickie. Very good for both. They were both exceptional roles for these talented people.

Black Swan was essentially shut out. The only award Aronofsky’s masterpiece got was for best actress an award that they totally expected it to win, Natalie Portman finally getting recognized by her peers.

King’s Speech was the big winner. Tom Hopper took home best director for the film. It also took home best original screenplay. Once again two awards this mediocre film should not have taken home at all. Robbing Aronofsky of the best director award he so deserved and  Nolan didn’t get the screenplay award he should have. The film also took home the two biggest awards of the night it shouldn’t have. Winning for best actor was Colin Firth as he beat out Jeff Bridges and James Franco, two actors who I felt were superior to Firth in his film. But the worst thing about this movie is it took home best picture as well. Beating out 9 other films.

Most people said it was a two picture race between King’s Speech and Social Network. The fact of the matter is the Academy virtually handicapped itself by nominating 10 total films and then virtually saying well only two of these have a chance at winning. Thus Inception and  The Fighter were dark horses that had little shot as did the rest of the films. Once again the Academy lets us down with their awards and maybe just maybe we can hope that in 2012 the Academy will get it right and give the best picture award to Never Say Never.


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