Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: First Thoughts

The UPS man came by about forty minutes ago with my newest game via Amazon. Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. This is a game that has been in wait for over a decade. The anticipation is palpable. All the fun of MVC2 can be had here. Well except not nearly. They fixed some of the broken aspects from MVC2 and well some new broken things have happened. We’ll discuss it as we move along.

First off the game is currently installing onto my harddrive or something like that so let’s talk about stuff I read/already know. This is more of a multiplayer fighting game, online mode sounds great but if you got a lot of scrubs and vet players you’re bound to get raped. That is always a least favorite of mine when it comes to playing online games. You get raped when you first start and it continues that way for a while. It may never change so you get mad and throw your controller down. I was never amazing at MVC2, I was good. I was passable but at this game? I may beat down a few people but maybe not that much.

Capcom added a mode or a style for new players or not die-hard fighters that changes up your difficulty, as in how hard it is to do combos etc…al. Simple mode makes it easier for non-die hards to play against die hards and stand a slight chance. I am not the most experienced fighter out there but playing on simple mode makes me feel at least semi-competent.


Online mode is where a bulk of the gameplay is going to be, no doubt. After doing 8 matches I found myself struggling witha  50% win mark. It is tough trying to find a nice solid team that works with your style. Granted Cable isn’t in the game anymore so that kind of removes one of my core players but hey I’ll find a replacement right?

Spending 7 matches hunting down the third member of my party was tough but I might have found it. The simple mode allows me to figure out the controls while remaining competitive and not getting angry enough to throw down the controller. So far so good.

So it looks like I’ve found a team that works with my style or at least 2/3 of the team does. After three matches with this team I can safely say yeah this is going to work. The online play keeps track of your record versus the people you fight so say you fight someone five times in a row and don’t fight him for a few weeks it will show your record vs them next time you fight. I made a guy rage quit due to my aerial combos because he didn’t want two losses to me. Shame, I’d take the losses like a good sport.

Online though in the first week has gotten insane. There are now people online who go out and rape you. They have gamepads and they literally tear you apart. What Capcom needs to do is take your skill level and match you up against people of your own equal skill level.

In all the bulk of this game is online, but there is only a handful of modes. Ranked, player match and lobby. I hope they add more modes via updates and patches. Online play I give an 8.5 out of 10


Since this is a fighting game there is really not a large point to it being offline. There is an arcade mode that is relatively short and slightly depressing due to it’s shortness. There is also training mode which is helpful to say the least for those of us who are not grizzled fighting vets such as myself. There is also a non online multiplayer mode so that a friend can grab a spare controller and just spar with you. Mission mode is annoying and tedious as well.

What is mission mode though? Each character has missions, nothing special, just do a move or a combo. But when you think you got it done you really don’t. You have no idea how many times I did this one move just to have it tell me I didn’t do it! Due to a lack of offline content I say it gets a rough and sad 6.5/10.

Hopefully Capcom fixes up some of the flaws like putting matchups of people who are lower against those who are higher. Or how about adding more characters or modes. If the game is fixed like that it could be one of the greats in fighting but at the moment it’s alright, I’d say an 8/10

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