[DAILY LIST] The Bands I Haven’t Seen That I Must See Live

So the podcast is up. Yeah I know pretty neat right? Cool stuff. We did nothing but Death Cab For Cutie tracks that most people wouldn’t know. So that’s our general theme. Songs from bands that you don’t know well thanks to top forty radio.

So today’s list stems from concerts. Radiohead’s latest album has of course warranted a tour. Never seen them. Arcade Fire announced a world tour skipping the east coast. Never seen them.  So here is the list of the bands that I have never seen but I must see live.

10. Modest Mouse

While their lead  singer is an arrogant prick I still like their music. Seeing them live would be rather interesting to the say the least. How well do they translate from their studio work to their live work no one knows other than those who have seen it. We were supposed to have gotten a new album recently which would mean a new tour but maybe just maybe we aren’t getting that any time soon and we are all just shit out of luck.

09. The Smiths

This is never going to happen unless they reunite. That’s why they aren’t high on the list. I’ve accepted failure in this. I was born at the wrong time, and my wallet couldn’t afford it. Shame. Oh well at least I could just go see Morrisey live. Nah not worth it. You want the whole experience. Right? Yeah. Well I am not sure why they made the list seeing that it will never happen. Maybe I have high hopes of reunion.

08. Beck

Let’s ignore the fact that he is a scientologist. Let’s ignore that. He makes good electronic music. Very good. He has a way with it like it’s filthy. Beck hasn’t made an album in a few years, word is he’s doing one. I’d love to go to one of his shows and just dance my fat little ass off. Beck though has ups and downs album wise. Modern Guilt was okay at times and great at others.

07. Bright Eyes

Conor Oberst is an icon. In the music scene he would be considered maybe a god. Making music from a very young age, forming Bright Eyes and reaching the ears of many emos and other people across the country. With The People’s Key out and doing one more tour as Bright Eyes the fact remains I will never see the band as they aren’t coming anywhere near here. Shame though. Some of his older work is exceedingly superior and The People’s Key seems to be a weak way to leave.

06. Rilo Kiley

Not sure if they still are a band anymore. It’s been like what five maybe six years since their last album came out and it was so-so at best? In between Jenny Lewis has done two albums. Rilo hasn’t toured either in ages which makes matters worse. I loved More Adventurous, great album. I wish they would make another album like that and go out and tour again. Imagine how great it would be to see Jenny Lewis live with her first real band.

05. Belle and Sebastian

Not sure how great a show from them would be considering the style of music they play. I’m sure it would be good but how hard would it be to find a show that they do in this area? Very hard. In fact it is nearly impossible. On their last great tour they hit Brooklyn and DC but nothing else near the great city of Brotherly Love. These guys have great pop sounding tracks too that would make for great shows that people could dance to. Baroque pop never sounded so good. And to make matters worse they don’t have to continue to tour to support Write About Love.

04. The Shins

Although technically on hiatus or broken up or something the band seems to be something that I would love to see live. A douchebag I know happens to have seen them and stuff and told me about the show. Makes me jealous knowing that they charge a lot for their shows and I think they might be a bit pompous to play a small Philly venue. Oh well. I hope their next album (if there is one) turns out to be like their first two albums.

03. The Postal Service

Don’t think they’ve ever toured. Don’t think they ever will. One album. Ten songs that’s all this duo consisting of Ben Gibbard and friend have done. I’m sure though if they were to play a show in the area it would sell out in a heartbeat. On top of that it would also be an awesome show because you would have everyone sing along with the music itself, I mean almost a decade later everyone should know the lyrics!

02. Arcade Fire

Having recently won a Grammy is not why I feel the strong urge to see these guys. Having The Suburbs being compared to Radiohead’s godly Ok Computer is something that makes it amicable. The band though has many great tracks off not just that album but Funeral and Neon Bible including the above song. They recently announced a world tour and I was excited but they aren’t coming to the great Philadelphia or even Camden. New York would be a stretch.

01. Radiohead

Did anyone think that anyone other than Radiohead would be number 1??? They are one of the greatest Alt-Rock bands to ever walk the earth. So amazing. So awesome. So god-like. Praying that they tour this summer and at least hit Wachovia Center in Philly so I can go. This is a band that sells out tickets in the pre-sale within ten minutes. With albums like Ok Computer, The Bends, Amnesiac being sheer works of genius it’s no wonder the band has such a huge following.


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