[GAME REVIEW] Dead Space 2

Issac Clarke is back. This time it’s a giant moon base on Titan, one of the moons of Saturn. Dead Space 2 is a true sequel fixing some of the few flaws that hindered the first game while weaving a horror narrative unlike anything we have seen in video games over the past few years. Dead Space 2 is one of the early contenders for game of the year but at this point it’s a little too early to declare the title so easily on a game like this. The question is does Dead Space 2 live up to it’s predecessor’s glory and insanity or is this just another rent-a-game?

The game takes place three years after  the end of the original with Clarke being in a mental hospital on a moon orbiting Saturn. The doctors there are trying to reconstruct the Marker as they are members of that crazy church. Issac gets attacked by necromorphs all while in a straight jacket. Of course he is following the orders of Dania who is trying to get him and a psychopath named Stross who is a murderer. He finds out that Dania is a member of the church trying to manipulate Clarke just to get to the Marker. She dies of course.

Clarke teams up with Stross and a woman named Elli. The game continues as Clarke tries to find a way out and destroy the Marker once and for all. Of course the plot isn’t the strongest part of a game like this. Eventually Clarke accepts that he must in order to end this has to let go of Nicole. Easier said than done as she betrays him once again (from beyond the grave). The games ending is a dreary one that makes you wonder if the series is going to continue. As he slumps down having succeeded in his task Clarke accepts his fate as he prepares to die.

The gameplay is stellar once again although the biggest complaint I have is the change of the control scheme. It was totally and utterly different this time around. Having played both games on the PS3. I can’t tell you how many med kits I went through trying to reload or how many Stasis packs I burned trying to access my inventory. That was the worst part. The makers didn’t change the game’s feel or look as it remained the same, dark and gritty like it should be.

There were parts of the game that felt a bit too easy and others that felt hard as balls. This seemed to be the largest challenge that EA needs to address in DS3. The fun thing though is being scared shitless throughout the game and they did that successfully. Although at times there were too many enemies on the level at a time. The first game’s biggest problem was the backtracking, this time it’s a giant line. I wouldn’t have minded some backtracking but none at all is kind of well dull.

The absolute worst part of the game is the online multiplayer. This game reeks when it comes to the multiplayer mode. One group plays as necromorphs and the other as survivors. The necromorphs must prevent the survivors from achieving a goal. Of course this gets tedious and not as much fun as it could be. If you ignore multiplayer with this game though you should be okay when it comes to actually enjoying the title. I hated the one round I played and vowed never to play it again.

The game was phenomenal to say the least and with all the unlockables that make you want to play it again gives it above average replay value. It’s a buy not a rent. I give Dead Space 2 a nice solid 9 out of 10.

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