[DAILY LIST] Best X-Men Characters

I thought about this long and hard and it’s tough to make a list like this. The X-Men go back into the 1960’s. Today there are many different publications we got Uncanny X-Men, X-Men Forever, New X-Men, X-Men Legacy, X-Factor, X-Force, Uncanny X-Force. I think its almost safe to say that Marvel’s first mutants are here to stay and are a main flag ship team for Marvel and it’s universe. So here we go the list!

10. Onslaught
Mutant Powers:
Xavier’s and Magneto’s combined
Real Name: Charles Xavier
Team: Bad Guy

Let’s kick off with this one shot character. Onslaught is a combination of Xavier and Magneto that totally and utterly raped the X-Men. Of course they obviously found a way to defeat it and prevent it from ever coming back because we X-fans miss our suped up bad guy who could kill everyone very much. Although the good news is Onslaught is returning this spring to the universe so that’s a huge plus. Also I didn’t want another Summers or Grey offspring on this list, you’ll see.

09. Dark Beast
Mutant Powers:
Derrrr See His Name
Real Name: Hank McCoy
Team: Dark X-Men

Dark Beast is from the Age of Apocalypse story arc and he has escaped to our world. I say our world loosely but it makes sense. He was a horrible evil geneticist over in that time. Dissecting humans and mutants alike for his studies. He continues to do that in this world as well. Teaming up with the original Beast in order to find a cure for M Day Dark Beast finds himself having to be tame compared to his normal methods. The fact that someone continues to write this character as a very dark and more intense version of the Kelsey Grammar Beast makes me happy.

08. Mister Sinister
Mutant Powers:
Superhuman Strength, Durability, Longevity, Telepathy, Telekinesis
Real Name: Nathaniel Essex
Team: Bad Guy

Sinister has been plaguing the X-Team since the late 1980’s. Sure we don’t know too much about him but what we do know is stuff we wish we didn’t. He has his own science lab in the Savage Lands and is a servant to Apocalypse. This makes him deadly enough as it is. The question of whether or not he is immortal is also asked seeing as he happens to be around the same age in every generation he appears in, not talking like as time goes by in our land but he appears in the past and future of the X-series.

07. Cable
Mutant Powers:
Telepathy, Telekinesis, Technopathy
Real Name:
Nathan Summers
Team: X-Men, X-Force, Solo

The son of Jean Grey and Scott Summers he packs a true punch. Of course some disease was killing him as a baby so he had to go into the future where he was raised. He eventually comes back just like Bishop to change the events that shape his Apocalypse driven future. Of course Cable doesn’t have much in the way of personality but he is pure badass. He had a good run with Deadpool and had his own series recently in which he had to protect the future of mutant kind from the likes of Bishop. All in all Cable kicks some serious ass when he needs to. Be it with guns or mutant powers

06. Apocalypse
Mutant Powers:
He’s pretty much got it all
Real Name: Doesn’t Really Have One
Team: Bad Guy

This guy is the real deal. He’s like biblical and stuff. He’s the First Mutant, or so he claims. But keep in mind this guy has the Four Horseman and generally he messes stuff up for the X-Teams. There is always a struggle for them to win. The best story arc with him is the Age of Apocalypse arc in which a future world is run by him and his mutants. Since futures are always timey wimey and stuff you don’t always get the same thing. More power to him seeing as he changed Angel into Archangel…a.k.a the Angel of Death.

05. Wolverine
Mutant Powers:
Healing Ability, adamantium grafted to skin
Real Name: James “Logan” Howlett
Team: X-Men, Leader X-Force

It is tough to leave Wolverine off this list. He is a bad ass don’t get me wrong but the best the X-Teams have to offer, I think not. He’s overdone in both cinema, cartoons and the comics. His importance as a main character is a bit too much but the fact that he survived Magneto ripping his skeleton out from him was pretty bad ass. Wolverine though has memory issues which make writing for him so much fun because it doesn’t matter what you write. Sure in the early going he was super bad ass and then he got tame but X-Force has him ripping shit apart…but of course he’s keeping it PG-13. Hugh Jackman better deliver in The Wolverine

04. Dark Phoenix
Mutant Powers:
Complete control over all forms of energy and matter
Real Name: Jean Grey
Team: Bad Guy/X-Men

Jean Grey absorbed the Phoenix Force in order to save the day but it ends up backfiring. A being that represents all the cosmic power in the universe in the hands of a telepath who has a shit ton of power. Of course things backfire and Jean becomes the Dark Phoenix and literally fucks up everything in the world and universe. Imagine Galactus but with tits and the ability to wipe out the universe in a semi-sexy way. Of course the end of Dark Phoenix meant the end of Jean Grey, so let’s give it extra points for wiping her out too. But of course the Phoenix Force can’t be destroyed and thus it becomes inherited by Rachel Summers…Cyclops’ daughter.

03. Magneto
Magnetism Manipulation
Real Name:
Erik Lehnsherr
Bad Guy

Comics need a strong bad guy to make it work. Bad guys are the center for a plot. They have to be strong willed and the opposite of what the heroes want. Magneto is the perfect villain mainly because he’s not really a villain. He’s misunderstood. The backstory has him as a prisoner in WWII Poland then a friend and ally to Xavier then he becomes the villain and genocidal baddie we all know and love. Of course Mags had a recent change of heart after his daughter fucked up the world and he lost his powers. Of course Magneto is a raging racist but still, he’s pretty neat for ripping Wolverine’s skeleton out of him.

02. Multiple Man
Mutant Power:
Self Duplication
Real Name: Jamie Madrox
Team: X-Factor

Jamie Madrox is better known as the multiple man. He may crack wise but he’s a character that I relate to. Madrox has a hard time making up his mind due to all the different minds living inside of him. Yes that may seem  cheesey but it’s actually kind of cool. Madrox recently brought back the X-Factor Team in the form of a detective agency and things just seem to not work right for him as he still can’t make up his mind. What makes him so cool is that he sends out his dupes all around the world to do crazy shit like become a member of S.H.I.E.L.D. Crazy shit. Also he and Cyclops don’t get along. Huge plus.

01. Deadpool
Mutant Power:
Regenerative Healing
Real Name: Wade Wilson
Team: X-Force

Deadpool on one of the X-Teams! Genius. Deadpool is arguably one of the best Marvel characters of all time so why not put him on the team. His wise ass, prank loving, churrro eating self belongs at this spot simply for what he does in his own series as well as the X arcs. He breaks the fourth wall, quite often actually, and chows down on burritos and churros in almost every issue. Even though he has many cancerous growths on his skin Deadpool has a healing factor that prevents him from dying. Chop off his head it reattaches/grows back within hours/minutes.

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One response to “[DAILY LIST] Best X-Men Characters

  • sixpuns

    Good list. A top ten for me would be Bishop, Rogue, Gambit, Iceman, Nightcrawler, Beast, Jubilee, Cyclops, Colossus, and Archangel. My criteria is a combination of character design, powers, and depth of character/back story … Wolverine’s not on my list because I see him more as a stand alone character, but him with Prof. X get my honorable mention.

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