[GAME REVIEW] Uncharted 2: Among Theives

First thing I want to say is that I love my PlayStation 3. It’s the best thing I have ever bought tech wise at the current moment. The commercials don’t lie when they say it can do everything! I got it at the end of last year and never really played it hardcore. I beat all three God of War games then Red Dead Redemption then got hooked on MLB 10: The Show and Madden. So I had bought Uncharted 2 as a well I have a PS3 I have to have this or so I’m told. I started it a while ago and my first thought was man this game sucks balls. It was an interactive movie and that was all. I had just finished Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and was like well might as well restart Uncharted since well you know I paid for it all…so here is my thoughts.

First off after finishing the game I have no words to describe how amazing it was. After you get past the first part of the game, the part where you are robbing a Pakistanian musem or was it Turkey I don’t know is where the game gets good. The first part you are doing stealth stuff. But anyways let’s disect this game shall we?

Let’s talk story. Uncharted 2 follows Nathan Drake as he searches for the cintamari stone and the fabled Shangra-La or as they call it Shambla. Drake gets set up in the beginning by his old friend Flynn and ex-lover Chloe and ends up in jail before being bailed out by his old pal Sully and…Chloe. The three of them plan to inflitrate the camp of the evil war lord Lazervic who is out to find the stone for unknown reasons. Through several hours of betrayals and movie like writing the story soars through the end that makes you want to not put the controller down which I had a hard time doing. The big problem some would say is the lack of realism in the story itself but I think that adds to it, the sort of mysticism that follows the myth behind the stone and the place that they are loking for. It works. While the story was nearly flawless in it’s telling let’s discuss the gameplay.

Uncharted 2 follows the same gameplay as the previous game. You do shooting and you duck to get health back. There is hand to hand combat at times and that works fine. You jump around A LOT. Some puzzles not a lot but they are huge. The gameplay was fast paced like the movement of the story. The game wasn’t long so the gameplay matched the pacing of the story. Sure it got a bit frustrating at times when you’d run out of ammo or you’d keep dying due to the games slightly retarded difficulty setting but it still was a fun time playing it and I wouldn’t take it back anyways.

The visuals were amazing. The environments seemed almost to good to be true. While they were breathtaking the character models were impeccable and scary at the same time. It was insane to see graphics of this quality on any console let alone any game. Sure they mastered the art of motion capture but did they really use motion capture or was it all done by animators? I don’t know where that thought came from but still it was pretty darn crazy. You go into the jungle portions of the game and are blown away by the intensely awesome textures on the trees and the surroundings themselves. Sure it wasn’t an open path game and it was more of a here is a wide enviornment but you can only go here kind of game.

The game had very little flaws, mainly its repetitiveness but moving enviornments as well as a fast paced fun story make Uncharted 2 a true must have game for the PS3. Even though I am a little late to get this done I still strongly urge anyone who loves great narratives in their games to pick up a copy. It’s well worth the price of admission as well as multiple playthroughs. Like everyone else I am giving Uncharted 2: Among Thieves a 10 out of 10.


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