[GAME REVIEW] Dead Space

Dead Space is one of the most original games out there so to speak. With the sequel just being released I take a look back at the game that made it possible to have a sequel. Dead Space is essentially Silent Hill and Resident Evil in space. The thing though that makes this game actually scary is the fact that they actually try to scare you while the RE series was all about shooting the shit out of zombies. The game isn’t super long clocking in at around 10 hours so it’s not a lengthy game but it’s not short. You don’t want to play this game for too long at a time otherwise you will lose your mind and that is not something I suggest.

The story line for Dead Space is simple. You are an engineer with two other ship mates who investigate a strange happening on a government ship. You find out that it’s more than that, much more but  none of it is revealed until you progress through the game. I have to say though the plot is simple and that works in survival horror games and it’s effective. You don’t need a Heavy Rain type game to have this work for you. Surely as you progress through teh 12 chapters you encounter very little NPCs but the creepiest one is Nicole, your characters girlfriend. The game reaches a climax at the end and I won’t go any farther.

The game handles like a shooter, similar to the last few Resident Evil games. You must survive a ship that is infested with an alien species. You must deal with different forms of various muttaions of the species as well. It’s not a hard concept to grasp. The best solution is to shoot for the limbs. Shooting for the head won’t do you any good and it’s true. Dead Space relies on it’s previous games in the genre to set it up and develop it’s style of gameplay. The way you get scared and jump is all in the mood. Game play wise it feels like a shooter there is no way to describe it other than that.

The presentation is where this game is at. The eerie soundtrack. The lighting. The monsters jumping out at you. This game literally scares the shit out of me and rightfully so it has earned it. The way it is displayed is how it gets to you. This is what the game is all about and it toots it’s horn loudly. Here’s to looking forward to the sequel by giving this a solid 9 out of 10


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