[GAME REVIEW] Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

Assassin’s Creed as a series embarks on telling the classic tale of good versus evil in a new light. The assassin’s and the templars are war with each other and have been for centuries. Of course the templars are the catholics of the world and the assassin’s more so are the atheists. I could be wrong. Now the first game featured Altair, an assassin in the Crusades. You had to kill Templars who were crusading for Christ. Yeah I know how cheesey, but it in the middle of a history lesson why don’t you. Ass. Creed II puts you as Ezio in the Italian Renissance. While the second one fixed the main flaws from the first game and made a stellar game. But how does Brotherhood hold up against the grain??

Brotherhood is a follow up to the last game. The logic is this at Ubi Soft: With every new sequel in the series there has to be a new character for our annoying protagonist Desmond to relive memories for. So that means inbetween the main games in the series we can have short filler games that sell for full price. So where does Brotherhood pick up? Relatively soon right after the end of the previous Creed game. While it it is significantly shorter than a full length game, it took me only about 15 hours to complete the main story as compared to upwards of 30-40 hours in the previous game this game just feels a bit forced. The story is not as inspiring as it was last time seeing as we are playing the charming Ezio.

I felt like i was obliged to play it out of my love for the series but at the same time I had fun. The game was weak on the narrative but for those of you who like the series you will forgive it for that flaw and continue. The game has a few problems that hinder it from being as great as Creed 2. The big thing is the fact that each mission feels like the last one. You get a target, you chase the target and then you kill the target without being seen. By the end of the game you feel like you wasted time especially if you can’t for the love of god hide very well. Of course games have done the stealth killy thing very well for years such as the Metal Gear Solid series, sure you can go through guns ablazing and you turn it into a third person shooter without the game hurting you more often than not. Most people don’t have time or the patience for the stealth aspect of these games.

The story though does incorporate familiar faces from Creed 2 although I found myself wondering who is this guy and what did he do in the last one. The only characters I really remember are Mario (who dies very early) and Leonardo Da Vinci who has a role so small that it only give side quests which have you destroying the machines he invented for the church people.

Machiavelli is the historical figure that you work along this time and he’s rather well stuck up….after you go through all the story stuff you end the game as Desmond once more gaining more knowledge of the assassin order or what not. While the story can be gobbledy gook the ending is what made me the most angry with this series. It felt more like a cop out than the last one and more like a HAHAH you just spent sixty bucks and this is how we end it. You get angry and want to punch an Ubi Soft employee so hard their insides rupture.

On to the gameplay I played the second and first ones on the X-Box so a change of controller scheme really didn’t affect as much as I thought. I felt like the game flowed much better on the PS3 controller versus the X-Box one. While the PS3 has a sleeker and more sexy controller the buttons though felt a bit off for some reason but it wasn’t hard for me to get adjusted. The gameplay was much like it was last time around and just as redundnant. That bothers me. If  wanted to do the same thing over and over again without a good narrative I’ll play a Grand Theft Auto game. The thing though is since you want to know the end you don’t stop.

The game has good replay value in that you can do everything you miss after finishing up the main story. I like that about sand box games. You can finish the main story and still play the game to completion though that in itself is a challenge that few would take.

I can only hope that in the 2011 edition of the series they fix that huge flaw and make it more of  a less glaring weakness and more of a strength. The presentation is adaquet. On the X-Box Creed 2 look amazing but on the PS3 it looks so-so. You play a game like Uncharted and the beauty is there and here it’s like standard def. Sure it looks nice but the same sceneraires really dull you after a few hours.

While this installment in the series feels like a step back it really isn’t. It’s a step forward so to speak if you keep in mind that this is not Assassin’s Creed 3 but more like an inbetween game giving you filler on what happens. If they use this more as a beta for Assassin’s Creed 3 then I’ll forgive the flaws in this game and move on. What made this series actually worth playing was the original concept that they are still seemingly trying to harness and unleash on the world. Brotherhood though gains a solid 8 out of 10 and is worth playing.


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