[DAILY LIST] The Best Super Bowls of My Life

Alright so I am a few days behind on posting this but I really wanted to. This is kind of sad that it has taken me so long to post stuff. You see I kind of hurt my left hand at work tearing too many tickets. While that may sound hilariously wrong it still happened and while it took me forever to type all the posts since (the White Stripes, Daily List, and Gorillaz) so that explains it. This past sunday Aaron Rodgers though led his Green Bay Packers to their first title since 1996 when Brett Favre was the man in charge. I thought I’d drum up some past memories with this super list from the Super Bowl.

10. Super Bowl XLIII
MVP: Santonio Holmes
Steelers 27 – Cardinals 23

I have seen the Steelers play in 3 Super Bowls with Big Ben and they won 2 of them (losing this last one and beating the Seahawks). They have been in 4 Super Bowls since I was born having Neil O’Donnell throw in their 1995 loss to the Cowboys. What makes this one memorable was it was Warner’s last bid at the title. Yeah he had Boldin and Fitzgerald at WR but their high powered O couldn’t out do the D of the Steel Curtain with Troy Polamalu and of course James Harrison. The two things I remember most about this game was Harrison’s 98 yard fumble TD and of course him punching out a Cardinals player. What a way to start the list

9. Super Bowl XXXIX – February 6, 2005
MVP: Deion Branch
Patriots 24 – Eagles 21

What made this game meorable was not that it was Brady’s third championship ring in a handful of years it’s that my hometown boys got beat. Everyone was high and mighty on Donovan McNabb and Terrell Owens and the Eagles that they didn’t realize the Patriots existed. This game showed how the Eagles secondary could have been exploited and it was. The bad thing was it wasn’t enough. The Eagles came close a few times to winning. Ever since Philly fans say they beat themselves which is a lame ass excuse and they should be shot for it.

8. Super Bowl XXXI – January 26, 1997
MVP: Desmond Howard
Packers 35 – Patriots 21

This would have been a great matchup this year but instead we can get it next year. Of course this was the last time Favre and his boys were champions and you know what, the game wasn’t that great. Of course I haven’t seen many games before it but it was memorable in it’s own right. Here you got a young Drew Beldsoe and Curtis Martin trying to lead a Bill Parcells coached team against Mike Holmgren and his Favre cocksucking offense. We see what happened and we aren’t pleased.

7. Super Bowl XLII – February 3, 2008
MVP: Eli Manning
Giants 17 – Patriots 14

This game should be higher but it’s not. Why? It wasn’t a good game. I know thats absurd but when you have the killer season Tom Brady had only putting up 14 points is embarassing. You throw 50 TDs in a season to guys like Randy Moss and Wes Welker and you put up 14 points it’s embarassing. This game only makes the cut because of how much was at stake. The Giants had to beat the 18-0 New England Patriots. The first team since the 1972 Don Shula coached Dolphins to even go unbeaten. Of course the loss made Giants fans arrogant and wear shirts that read 18-1. Brady has never been the same since in the playoffs as they get knocked out in their first game each year. At least they aren’t the Jets of the last two years.

6. Super Bowl XLIV – February 7, 2010
MVP: Drew Brees
Saints 31 – Colts 17

Peyton Manning has established himself as one of the most elite QBs since Dan Marino. And to make it worse he has no personality. The man looks like he’s an ass. Meanwhile you got Drew Brees. A guy I always liked since he was at Purdue. Almost signed with the Dolphins after Marino quit. Would have been good. Brees was a guy who was always an underdog. Too small for QB. Not fast enough, not a strong enough arm…everything. Brees came 16 yards shy of breaking Marino’s single season yard total. Of course New Orleans had recently suffered Katrina and a win was bitter sweet shall we say for the city. The fact that Brees led them to the victory following an onside kick to start the second half was even more impressive. Colts fans wept for they would never get back to this point with Peyton.

5. Super Bowl XXXIII – January 31, 1999
MVP: John Elway
Broncos 31 – Falcons 19

This was the Vikings season. They finished 15-1. They lost to the Falcons who got whopped in the Super Bowl by defending champion Denver. This was the last time we ever saw back to back championships and just goes to show how hard it is to do that in football. Sure New England could do it, sure New Orleans and Pittsburgh had shots but they didn’t. Denver was the last true champion dynasty that lasted only 2 seasons. Elway retired after this game and the Bronocos were never the same. Sure Jake the Snake Plummer was alright and Jay Cutler had potential. The Broncos will never be the same without John Elway

4. Super Bowl XXXIV – January 30, 2000
MVP: Kurt Warner
Rams 23 – Titans 16

Kevin Dyson was just inches of sending this game into overtime if not giving the Titans their first title instead the former grocery boy led his team to a title after being a whipping boy for so long. Additions like Marshall Faulk really helped this team earn it’s nick name, The Greatest Show on Turf. Warner though was one of those stories that America got behind until he kept being good and a potential hall of famer. Warner would go on to lead his teams to 2 more Super Bowls and lose them both before hanging it up and making the Arizona Cardinals quarterbackless.

3. Super Bowl XLV – February 6, 2011
MVP: Aaron Rodgers
Packers 31 – Steelers 25

This was such a good game to watch. The Packers got off to a hot start but fell apart down the stretch. On paper these teams were so evenly matched that it was scary. Granted all the experts gave Pitt and their QB who is literally a rapist (not proven!) all the edge stating that Rodgers can’t win a Super Bowl, he isn’t Favre. The fact that everyone was saying stuff about Rodgers all post season made him play with a chip on his shoulder, and you know what boy did he play. As a fan of the game and certain players it was vindictive to watch the arrogant Steelers fall to the Pack in a game that the Steelers so truly should have won.

2. Super Bowl XXXVI – February 3, 2002
MVP: Tom Brady
Patriots 20 – Rams 17

This game irratated me at first. Hind sight though shows how memorable this game truly was. You had the Greatest Show on Turf continue their dominance throughout the NFL for another year reach the pinnacle lead by Kurt Warner take on the team that embodies the country itself the New England Patriots. The Patriots were a jumpstart team lead by the young and at the time unproven Tom Brady. The country had just suffered 9-11 and if a team that was to be dubbed “America’s Team” it had to be the Patriots. Of course now everyone hates the Patriots but then that day everyone was a Pat fan and you just couldn’t help but want to see them win.

1. Super Bowl XXXII – January 25, 1998
MVP: Terrell Davis
Broncos 31 – Packers 24

Growing up I was a Dolphins/Broncos fan because I admired the hard work and dedication of their quarterbacks Dan Marino and John Elway respectively. While Marino got to the big game a few times and lost he retired without a ring to his name. Elway on the other hand got two…in a row after losing his first three. This was a matchup of last years champion versus Elway and his team of upstarts. Of course what made it memorable was the fact that Elway lead his team to victory for the first time in the Super Bowl. Rumors flew about him retiring after but that didn’t happen.


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