Zach Snyder Casts Man Of Steel…Another Brit Playing Iconic American Role

Zach Snyder has recently cast the lead and one of the world’s largest roles. Of course playing Clark Kent/Superman may not seem that big but it’s a role that will follow you for the rest of your life. Just ask Christopher Reeves, the man who played Superman during the film franchises first run. The actor was so well known as the Man of Steel that the honchos over at Warner didn’t make a new film after Reeves became paralyzed. It wasn’t until he passed away that Brandon Routh took up the mantle. It isn’t a surprise that Routh won’t be returning in the leotard though…

Routh’s role in Superman Returns essentially guaranteed no return for him. His replacement is a man by the name of Henry Cavill. Cavill is a young British actor who has had several minor roles in film but nothing as big as his television appearance. Cavill played Charles Brandon the first Duke of Suffolk on The Tudors. Cavill is the second Justice Leaguer to be a Brit, Christian Bale’s Batman is the other.


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