F$%^ Sony of the Day: Announcement Of Expensive Gadget

Today Sony will unveil a huge new gadget. This will come at a press conference most likely in Japan, so this is going to be huge right? Well rumors have been flung across the internet as to what the gadget could be. Almost certainly not a PlayStation 4 seeing as the current system still has a few years left on it’s already powerful life (seriously they have sunk so much into it financially). So the most logical answer would be a new PlayStation Portable. The PSP2 as it is rumored to be might be unveiled later today, but it might not be.

IGN is claiming that the PSP2 will be the huge announcement while several tech sites have revealed specs or rumored specs for the system. One claims it will have 3G connection as with a Wi-Fi connection. The thing though is you have to pay subscription fees for the 3G. Of course they would do a Wi-Fi only model right? They also report that the possible PSP2 will have a new processor to handle new high resolution graphics, so this is like a mini-PS3. Okay so I am almost sold entirely on this new gadget but some are reporting that it’s just a PlayStation Phone that can handle games. Shit. You serious? Well whatever it is you can expect it to cost a pretty penny. I’ll cover more as time goes on, let’s just hope its a PSP2 and nothing more or less than that.

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