Wolves Have Better Music Taste Than Teenage Boy

A Thirteen year old Norwegian boy was taking a seemingly innocent stroll the other day when a pack of wolves approached him. Of course the teenager did the only sensible thing and remove his headphones and crank up the volume. The boy was listening to the rock band Creed on his mobile phone. The album or song was entitled Overcome. As he cranked it up the wolves simply trotted away, amidst other reports saying they fled in terror. Wolves are quite common in the area several reports say but the fact that they have better taste than teenage boys is the real story here.

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As passionate as one can be about certain topics it is hard to make a living with that passion, that being said my passion for nerd culture, modern music and video gaming has yet to translate into anything moderately successful, that and my degree in electronic media, but hey at least I can use that journalism minor. View all posts by Angerbanjo

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