News Time: Man Fired For Tie

Alright let’s stop the reviews for a little bit and do some news posting. The other day a man was fired from his car salesman job for wearing a tie. The man named John Stone showed up to work wearing a Green Bay Packers tie after his team won the Conference Championship on Sunday over the Chicago Bears in Chicago. Stone wore the tie due to his fandom of the team and in honor of his late grandmother.

Stone’s boss called him into the office and told him that he will be fired if he did not remove the tie. Stone thought that he boss was joking and went back to work. An hour later he was called into the office where he was told he was fired due to the fact that the company had put a lot of money in the recent promotion and his tie was contrasting it. By the way the car lot was in a suburb of Chicago. I think they are just poor sports.


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