Movie Review: Blue Valentine

Blue Valentine is a film that had had originally earned it a NC-17 rating over the portrayal of cunnilingus in a film. The film which stars Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling as a married couple has achieved several award nominations.

The film itself through Rotten Tomatoes and Academy Awards has received several nominations and rave reviews. The fact is this film moves very slow and and on top of that is on the dull side. But that could be it’s way of setting up the climax.

The film’s story tells the tale of a couple through several crosscuts through the years. Ryan Gosling plays the husband and Michelle Williams plays the wife. The film focuses on their marriage slowly deteriorating and it also depicts them falling in love and raising their kid and eventually the utter end of their marriage.

The way the film depicts the marriage falling apart is interesting, you could call it an anti-love story that is well written but shocking to the viewer.

Gosling does a good job in playing the role of his character in two ways, one as an ass hole and abusive husband and as the young man who is trying to court his lover. Williams remains almost virtually constant in the film itself rarely changing. The supporting cast doesn’t feature any well known actors or anything like that, they are alright, I mean nothing special but decent. It’s a film that is carried by Gosling and Williams.

The films script is not awful but it’s nothing to rave about. The way it is shot and edited is superior to almost every aspect of this film. While the ultimate ending may have been something the film has lead up to in it’s entire run it’s of no surprise that it ended that way. The film is above average nothing to rave about as it gets a 7.5/10 from me here.

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