Comic Death is Epic? Maybe, Maybe Not

So apparently Marvel Comics is killing off one of the members of the Fantastic Four. I used to be an avid comic book reader but something happened over the summer that I just stopped reading, I know I need to read more, I really do but it doesn’t matter since the Fantastic Four was never one I read. Several weeks ago they announced a certain character was going to die, well the character dies tomorrow and several huge news outlets think it’s a big news story. Sadly the character isn’t as huge as Batman or Superman or even Captain America. But the fact still remains the same that a character dies. For those of you not familiar with comics a character dying is not necessarily an end to the character themselves as they generally get revived after a year or so or the end of the arc. No jump here with the spoiler instead enjoy this link that explains it all. Thanks ComicAlliance for the explanation.


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