We Actually Care About What Keanu Reeves is Doing?

At the recent Sundance film festival someone actually asked Keanu Reeves what his upcoming film projects include. The recluse and generally abysmal actor is starring alongside James Caan in a film he helped write called Henry’s Crime. Reeves has not stated whether or not the upcoming Bill and Ted 3 film would be scrapped or even completed, but there is hope that a third B+T film will occur in the future if at all. Reeves stated that he approached two filmmakers who of this day are not nearly as respected as they once were. The Wachowski’s were approached by Reeves with an idea for another Matrix film…actually two.

The Wachowski’s directed as well as wrote the mythical/biblical action film romp back in the late 1990’s. The Matrix starred Reeves, Carrie Ann Moss as well as Laurence Fishbourne and was a computer mind twist that was well pretty damn good. The film was successful both in terms of revenue as well as reviews. This led the brothers to do two more in one year, Reloaded and Revolutions. Both films left sour tastes in the mouths of film goers and fans alike.

After the trilogy was completed the brothers translated Alan Moores epic graphic novel V For Vendetta into a respectable comic film adaptation with Hugo Weaving and Natalie Portman in the leads. Their career though took a turn for the worse when they adapted the LSD trip Speed Racer that flopped in both reviews and the box office, as did their follow up Ninja Assasin.

No word was revealed on Reeves’ ideas but one can only hope that if they do it they leave this whole damn Christian mythos behind and just leave us with a good action romp with that edginess they had in the first Matrix film. Hey if they get Morpheus and Trinity back maybe Agent Smith will return….

For more information as it progresses stay tuned here.

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